Liferay Symposium North America will be taking place from October 8-10 this year in New Orleans, LA, and proposal for presentations at the event are now being accepted.

If you or your organization has developed a project using the Liferay platform or discovered something you find fascinating within the world of Liferay software development, now is your chance to share your knowledge with others. We are looking for people who are passionate about the advances they are making in digital transformation, customer experiences, vertical-specific solutions, applications and more digital innovations with Liferay.

Through a presentation at LSNA, organizations have the chance to provide insights into Liferay development that may have not been known before, as well as help establish themselves as a source of knowledge in their fields of interest. Often, these presentations give an exclusive look into the development process and the strategies used to effectively reach complex goals to better serve customers, support employees, adapt to a changing industry and more.

Past Symposiums have seen companies, partners and more organizations present insightful case studies regarding how their teams leveraged Liferay software to create innovative solutions, providing details regarding the process behind programming new applications, how technology impacted their success as a company, how they determined the software and solution type that was right for their business needs and much more. In doing so, a business can show themselves as thought leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

“Take the next step in digital innovation” is the theme of LSNA 2018. Presenters will tie their talks in with this central idea and the three supporting subpoints:

  • Be a Change Agent - IT leaders need to play active roles in identifying the right technologies, strategies and methodologies to digitally mature their businesses.
  • Turn Ideas Into Action - Success means moving forward one project at a time, using new insights and tools to translate your vision into actionable steps that deliver on key goals specific to your company, industry and audience.
  • Do It Together - Business and IT leaders can together stimulate rather than hinder digital innovation by learning to speak the same language and improving cross-functional collaboration.

LSNA presentations offer the opportunity for both developers and executives to provide insights regarding the latest in modern digital business development to a like-minded crowd. Together, the wide variety of presenters at Symposium represent leaders at the forefront of digital innovation in industries around the world.

If you are excited to share what your organization is doing with Liferay, there is no better opportunity than Liferay Symposium North America.

The deadline to submit your proposal is Friday, May 11, and those selected to speak at LSNA 2018 will be notified by June 11. Every presenter whose talk is accepted by the program committee will receive a free ticket to LSNA 2018.

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