In this Liferay Symposium North America interview series, we put a spotlight on our event sponsors and the ways in which they are driving digital transformation today. These interviews help put a face to the modern innovations happening at the companies in focus and give a glimpse into their latest innovations.

Alaaeldin El-Nattar is the Chief Operating Officer at Rivet Logic, helping to ensure that the organization consistently provides high-quality services. With more than 18 years of experience in enterprise IT software design and development, Alaaeldin has helped lead the architecture, implementation and deployment of many different client projects at Rivet. Today, Rivet is providing award-winning consulting, design and systems integration services that build modern digital experiences needed by companies across industries.

Liferay: What is your current position with Rivet? Can you share a brief overview of what it is you do in your work with the company?

Alaaeldin El-Nattar: I am Rivet Logic’s COO. I oversee all of the company’s practices to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest level of professional services. I also run our Managed Services operations.

L: What would you say most motivates you and what do you wish to accomplish through your position?

AE: As a company, we are committed to helping organizations excel through our thought leadership and digital experience solutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide, so it’s extremely rewarding when we see our solutions delivering real business value and making a positive impact.

We’ve also worked with Liferay since the very beginning. To see Liferay come this far and to be part of that journey every step of the way as a Platinum Partner has been a very fulfilling experience. We’ve seen Liferay evolve as a platform, and it’s exciting to see where the future roadmap leads, as well as the types of innovative solutions we can build for customers using Liferay.

L: This year at LSNA, we are focused on the next step of digital innovation. Digital transformation and the continuing advent of new technology is changing businesses around the world. What do you think companies need to do in order to successfully innovate in their technological strategy?

AE: The number of technology platforms available is increasing every day, each addressing different business challenges in its own way. There is no one size fits all solution. The key is to select modern technologies that are agile, with the ability to integrate with various other digital technologies so they work well together. Then, as a whole, businesses can address their unique challenges in the most effective and optimized way possible.

It’s also important to have some sort of feedback loop. Data is all around us, and the ability collect the right data and extract valuable insights to make continuous improvements is paramount.

But technology is only one part of the equation. Going beyond technology, a business’s overall digital strategy should be driven by the customer, not IT. It’s the right combination of people, process and technology that makes digital transformation successful.

L: As IT and business strategies continue to evolve, how do you predict everyday business will change in the coming years?

AE: The pace of change keeps increasing - businesses either need to keep up and adapt or risk failure. For this rapid change to happen, organizations need to create an environment that engages employees and fosters innovation.

Employees today demand the same type of experience in their workplace as consumers do. They want to be empowered - with easy access to content and data, user-friendly tools to perform their job, tools that facilitate collaboration and the ability to find and engage with other employees across the organization.

And with the workforce becoming more mobile and global, we’re going to see more and more businesses implement a digital workplace. We believe a modern intranet is an essential part of a digital workplace, providing a gateway for employees to access anything company related, while providing an environment that cultivates knowledge sharing and community.

L: Along with changing businesses, today’s customers have new standards regarding their online experiences with companies. How do you see organizations needing to change and adapt to new customer demands in order to stay successful?

AE: Over the past few years, user experience and customer journeys have become key. But many companies have not yet moved over to a unified digital experience. We believe Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) will continue to gain momentum as businesses work toward developing their strategies for omnichannel engagement.

Many businesses are collecting customer data to some extent. However, those who can harness their data to find meaning and in turn make data-driven decisions for better personalization will gain a competitive advantage. But it’s also important to keep in mind that it’s not about data quantity but quality, as well as the ability to make better use of the data you already have and fine-tuning data collection and analysis methods.

Lastly, businesses are going to need to pivot faster and adopt agile product and service development. In order to adjust their customer experience, companies will also need to adjust their products and services in a rapid-fire way. Rather than a traditional, iterative production work-cycle, companies will need to balance a lot of moving parts, constantly testing, improving and optimizing their solutions.

L: What is your favorite thing about Liferay Symposium North America? What should a first-time attendee make sure not to miss?

AE: Whether you’re a developer or business user, Liferay Symposium is a great way for attendees to learn and be inspired through the large variety of sessions offered across multiple tracks. It’s also a great way to connect with the rest of the Liferay community and hear how others are using Liferay to solve unique business challenges in their organizations.

The official after-party is a can’t miss event for first time LSNA attendees, or any attendee for that matter.

L: Besides being a platinum sponsor at LSNA, what else are you up to? What else might our readers be interested in that is happening at Rivet?

AE: Besides LSNA, we’ve been busy developing solutions in areas where we see a gap and that our customers can benefit from using. A few examples are Liferay and Box integration, Wealth Management Portal and Product Development Portal, to name a few.

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