In this Liferay Symposium North America interview series, we put a spotlight on our event sponsors and the ways in which they are driving digital transformation today. These interviews help put a face to the modern innovations happening at the companies in focus and give a glimpse into their latest innovations.

Nir Gryn is the Senior Vice President of Sales at XTIVIA, where he is responsible for strategic client account management, sales team management, partner management and direct sales. With more than 20 years of sales/IT industry experience, Nir is a true customer advocate, working to ensure that XTIVIA always delivers the highest-quality services and exceeds customer expectations. As an information technology services and solutions company, XTIVIA’s mission is to deliver customized high-quality technology solutions and innovations through long-term relationships with B2B enterprise companies.

Liferay: What is your current position with XTIVIA? Can you share a brief overview of what it is you do in your work with the company?

Nir Gryn: I am the Senior Vice President of Sales at XTIVIA, as well as XTIVIA’s Digital Experience Practice Business Executive, having led the startup and continued growth making XTIVIA the leading Liferay Portal practice in North America. Managing the relationships and success of our strategic enterprise accounts personally is one facet of client account management I oversee and love.

L: What would you say most motivates you and what do you wish to accomplish through your position?

NG: For me, it’s all about helping customers make important changes within their companies. Our projects help them transform existing experiences based on legacy applications that really don’t work well for users, such as taking an outdated but crucial application and updating it for a modern, frictionless user experience. I’m interested in delivering that to our customers and their users so that they can bring the experiences we see in the consumer world into the B2B world.

How software is built matters. Processes such as account creation can be extremely time consuming and frustrating, leading to mistakes and the loss of potential customers. These things matter from the perspective of users and in improving these elements, companies can experience major differences in long-term success.

L: This year at LSNA, we are focused on the next step of digital innovation. Digital transformation and the continuing advent of new technology is changing businesses around the world. What do you think companies need to do in order to successfully innovate in their technological strategy?

NG: The key is to create a frictionless experience for your users, whoever they are - constituents, clients, employees, etc. This is really important when it comes to the way you are providing a service. The other aspect of this is that, at the end of the day, digital transformation is wonderful, but when you are talking about real transformation, you have to look at the way you do business. It’s not just the technology your business uses, but it’s also about changing the way you do business for the best customer experience. It’s not just digitizing an existing process, but seeing where you are and how you can do better for a more seamless experience.

L: As IT and business strategies continue to evolve, how do you predict everyday business will change in the coming years?

NG: The traditional ways of doing business are rapidly evolving. If you aren’t agile and using new prototypes or business models, you can quickly be left behind in your industry. Companies should innovate by creating small startups within their larger organization to go after new areas of business. For example, providing a new online service or acquiring a small company that does something different in order to innovate can help a company find a better way to do something that everyone else is doing the same way. For example, in insurance, finding a better way to initiate a claim in the field through an easy-to-use smartphone app so that complex processes become faster and more intuitive for customers. Innovating is all about finding a better way to do something and beat the competition.

L: Along with changing businesses, today’s customers have new standards regarding their online experiences with companies. How do you see organizations needing to change and adapt to new customer demands in order to stay successful?

NG: It's getting to the point where everything needs to be available instantaneously and in real time. Customers expect to have information immediately available about what products a company offers and to be able to access real world capabilities as soon as they purchase your product. For example, downloading an app to control their TV in little time at all, which avoids the frustration of losing a remote control and being able to control multiple household appliances from a single device.

These innovations really take customer experience to the next level. The question becomes, what are businesses doing to differentiate themselves through next level value and customer service.

L: What is your favorite thing about Liferay Symposium North America? What should a first-time attendee make sure not to miss?

NG: My favorite thing about LSNA is the opportunity to spend time with our customers. We have multiple customers that come together at the same place and are able to meet each other and share experiences, which is huge. In addition, they are able to learn about the upcoming product suite that is being released and see where the company is going, as well as see some very interesting case studies and presentations at Symposium. We love seeing the entire ecosystem of Liferay employees, customers and partners.

First-time attendees should come by the XTIVIA booth to share what their plans are for their digital experience roadmap in the coming months and we’d love to share what we can do. At the end of the day, Liferay DXP is a phenomenal suite of tools to make high-end digital experiences and we can help make that happen.

L: Besides being a sponsor at LSNA, what else are you up to? What else might our readers be interested in that is happening at XTIVIA?

NG: XTIVIA has been doing a lot of React Native work building mobile applications. It’s been really exciting. We’ve been working on reusability between React front-end UI components on top of Liferay DXP and React Native mobile apps, which present some exciting new possibilities for the technology.

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