In this Liferay Symposium North America interview series, we put a spotlight on our event sponsors and the ways in which they are driving digital transformation today. These interviews help put a face to the modern innovations happening at the companies in focus and give a glimpse into their latest innovations.

Veriday, Youngsoft and Cignex all have a lengthy history of successfully partnering with Liferay to create innovative solutions for a wide variety of business needs. Through their partnerships, countless companies have made the most of Liferay technology and our partners have gained unique insights regarding the world of modern business solutions.

In addition, all three have become Gold Sponsors of LSNA 2018, helping to make the event special through their support. We recently interviewed representatives from Veriday, Cignex and Youngsoft to get their insights about technology today and their work in the industry.

Q: What new technology trend do you think companies should jump on today?

Chris Lamoureux, Chief Operating Officer - Veriday: For years we have been seeing growth in artificial intelligence. This is not something that’s going away anytime soon. Technology and AI continue to push the boundaries to find more automated ways of doing basic and complex tasks. Although it might be confusing to understand how AI can fit into each unique enterprise, it’s important to have a good grasp on AI in order to be relevant in tomorrow’s world. While large enterprises lead the way in adopting AI, there are still many opportunities for companies to look to AI to create business efficiencies. A close second to artificial intelligence would be Big Data.

Abby Archambault, UI/UX Designer - Youngsoft: Applications on mobile devices are not new, but many companies don’t realize their full and ever-growing capabilities. Mobile devices, mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites - they’re everywhere around us. Whether it’s an internal website or a customer portal, if it’s not mobile friendly, many clients will not be happy in today’s market. Well-developed and thoroughly tested mobile applications can help businesses generate revenue and effective marketing strategies.

Harish Ramachandran, CEO - Cignex: A technology trend I am particularly excited about is hybrid integration. The concept of streamlining massive investment of various types of data integration tools, ESBs, messaging platforms is very appealing. We should move quickly toward an ecosystem where technologies can be easily integrated and disintegrated. Other than that, you have to be living under some rock to not escape the buzz around machine learning and AI. At CIGNEX Datamatics, we are concerned about how these technologies would change the life of a content publisher, of a forum moderator, of a marketer. Hence, we are leveraging Liferay in conjunction with machine learning tools to explore some use cases and so far we are seeing some interesting results. We are looking forward to demonstrating them at the upcoming symposium.

Q: What are you most excited for at LSNA 2018?

Youngsoft: We are excited to connect with other sponsors and leaders to learn how Liferay has impacted them this year. We will also be on the lookout for the newest and best practices for Liferay DXP and business.

Veriday: Liferay Symposium is always an event that the Veriday team looks forward to supporting year after year. It’s a great opportunity to connect and build relationships with clients while engaging in expert sessions to empower attendees to take action on the gaps in their technology.

Cignex: LSNA is the focal point for Liferay advocates and enthusiasts, customers, employees, partners (like us), analysts and media to come together and exchange ideas. I find it quite fascinating how our conversations around Liferay have evolved over the years. In 2011, I remember speaking to customers about mobile delivery platforms and portal resiliency and six years later my discussions were around cloud deployment and advanced search. This year I am looking forward to exciting conversations about Liferay Commerce and Analytics Cloud.

Q: What inspires you in your position?

Cignex: We are living in an age where we are witnessing some dramatic shifts in a global scale almost exclusively due to technology. It is like being in the middle of the industrial revolution of the past century. We need to take complete advantage of the time period we are in and the resources we have today at our disposal. That is a realization that often gets me going. From a far more personal standpoint, nothing gives me more pleasure than watching our employees responding and rising to challenges every day.

Youngsoft: We are inspired by providing excellent services and products to every client that comes our way. We enjoy every aspect of designing and developing products, as well as receiving positive feedback.

Veriday: As someone with more than 25 years of work experience, helping our customers achieve success in enhancing their business and solve their digital transformation challenges, building a better foundation for the future and driving business results inspires me. Everyday that I wake up, I am looking to help a client.

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