Liferay seeks to create a positive environment at the upcoming Liferay Symposium North America 2018, taking place from October 8-10 in New Orleans.

As a company, one of our core values is to value people. This extends beyond just in the way we do business, but in the environment we create at events. When we started planning for LSNA this year, we wanted to make sure we put this in writing with a stated Code of Conduct. We believe that this will help us support an environment of respect and courtesy for everyone joining us this year.

This outlines our standards for all participants at the event, including attendees, sponsors, speakers, organizers and volunteers. By understanding and following the Code of Conduct, all event participants can help us continue to make the Liferay community healthy and supportive.

The Short Version

Liferay is committed to providing a safe event for everyone so that our community can remain healthy and supportive, both online and in person. Liferay does not tolerate discrimination, harassment or unacceptable behavior of any kind.

Please demonstrate professionalism, kindness and respect for other individuals. In the event of improper behavior, event staff reserve the right to take action they may deem appropriate.

Should you witness or experience unacceptable behavior, please let a member of our event staff know immediately so that we can prevent such behavior from continuing. Attendees found violating the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the event, and may be banned from future Liferay events.

Thank you for helping to make Liferay Symposium North America 2018 a friendly, safe environment for all attendees.

The Importance of a Code of Conduct

Liferay is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of all event attendees. Through our Code of Conduct, Liferay hopes that attendees at LSNA 2018 and all future Liferay events will feel part of a safe environment and that potential negative occurrences can be avoided altogether. Together, we can continue making the Liferay community into a positive setting that is welcome to all people, both in person at events and online.

Contact Information

During LSNA 2018, attendees with concerns regarding inappropriate behavior can let any member of our event staff know. Liferay will have staff available at our registration desk during normal event hours and event staff will be recognizable by our staff shirts or lanyards.

For any questions or concerns regarding this Code of Conduct or its implementation, please contact [email protected]

Read our Complete Code of Conduct

Read the complete official Liferay Symposium North America 2018 Code of Conduct for full details.

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