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What is a Digital Experience Platform?

Create personalised, connected experiences to increase engagement.

What is a DXP?

From dynamic digital marketing campaigns to the way customer service is handled internally, digital technologies are completely changing the way companies interact with customers. Transforming the way consumers view your brand by providing a more unified way to manage the lifecycle across a range of channels, you can retain customers longer and gain new ones faster.

Liferay digital experience platform (DXP) is the integrated technology tool your business has been searching for. Designed to enable the configuration, management, delivery, and optimisation of the digital experience as we move through the customer journey, digital mastery is just around the corner.

How Can DXPs Transform my Customer Experience?

DXPs offer end-to-end content management and therefore provide a range of benefits.

  • An integrated control centre can increase customer retention through combined omnichannel data, analytics and content. This helps to keep audiences connected and offers a consistent journey through each touchpoint.
  • Content flexibility allows you to deliver the same content across all channels and ensures better experiences for your audience.
  • Full-reign of personalisation offers new ways to integrate with other systems and provide a comprehensive overview of each customer through powerful insights. This offers the right value at each touchpoint for your audience.
  • Future-proof your strategy with a DXP that adapts and connects with your audience as they mature.

Digital Experience Platforms: Designed for Digital Transformation

Enterprises today have high standards to meet when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers. This whitepaper explains the value of a digital experience platform for enterprises who are focused on creating personalised, connected experiences in the midst of digital transformation.

Download the Whitepaper >

When Should I Implement DXP?

A digital experience platform presents a range of opportunities for a business and also gives customers access to what they want on whatever channel they’re using. Additionally, companies can draw in data from new channels or unmanaged channels and use these insights to make decisions on new services, products or business processes that will bolster the customer experience. 

If your goal is to achieve digital transformation for better customer engagement, a DXP may be a necessary piece of the puzzle. Liferay DXP can streamline growth giving you more flexibility to implement processes and break down silos.

See the value of DXPs for enterprises who are focused on creating personalised, connected experiences in the midst of digital transformation.

Originally published
February 24, 2021
 last updated
October 27, 2021
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