Ensure Exceptional End-User Experiences with Liferay and Dynatrace

In Dynatrace, we saw an opportunity to partner with the leading Digital Performance Management vendor and help our customers deliver the best end-user experience possible.

Michael Han
VP of Operations

The Dynatrace Liferay DXP FastPack provides Digital Performance Management tailored for Liferay.

Gain visibility on the end-user experience in your entire Liferay platform.

Optimize user experience and make informed decisions with 100% gap-free data recording.

Identify the root cause, no matter where it is in the stack, all the way down to the code level.

Don't reproduce errors. Simply share user transactions between development, QA, and business stakeholders.

A Ready-to-go Solution

Seamless implementation with a prebuilt Dynatrace connector for Liferay DXP
Immediate insights from out-of-the-box dashboards with the option to customize your own
Peace of mind with a Liferay tested and certified APM solution
Dynatrace FastPack for Liferay DXP

Nine out-of-the-box Dynatrace Dashboards. Countless immediate insights.

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What is Liferay's relationship with Dynatrace?

Liferay has partnered with Dynatrace to provide a world class Digital Performance Management solution for our customers. The Liferay tested Dynatrace FastPack provides preconfigured operations and business dashboards for our Liferay subscribers.

Which versions of Liferay is this compatible with?

Dynatrace is applicable to any version of the Liferay platform. The FastPack is certified to work with Liferay Portal 6.2 EE and Liferay DXP. The FastPack can be installed on other versions but only a subset of functionality may work. The FastPack is open source so it can be modified to work with any version of Liferay, even CE.

Can I get help with Dynatrace with my Liferay project?

Yes, Liferay's Global Services can provide Dynatrace assistance for your Liferay project.

Can I evaluate Dynatrace with a trial?

Yes, Dynatrace offers 30 day evaluations from their website.

Where can I see the different dashboards, documentation and get the latest Liferay FastPack for Dynatrace?

You can see a preview of the dashboards, documentation and get the FastPack here.

Where can I purchase Dynatrace licenses?

Contact Liferay and we can facilitate this process for you.

Does Dynatrace offer support?

Dynatrace offers support for their APM product. The FastPack is community supported.

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