Instructor-led Training

Liferay Fundamentals

Everything you need to know about Liferay out of the box.

Version DXP 7.2 | Length 2 Days

Key Takeaways
  • Get insider knowledge
  • Implement real-world solutions
  • Build the right foundation

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What You'll Learn

  • Building Digital Experiences with Liferay DXP

    • What is Liferay?

      • An Introduction to the Platform
    • Liferay DXP Problem-Solving

      • Solutions and Use Cases
    • Liferay DXP Administration Overview and Navigation

      • Get to Know Platform Administration
  • Managing User Accounts

    • Import Your Users into Liferay

      • Connect to Your IdM
    • Manage and Organize Users

      • Leverage Organizations and User Groups
  • Controlling User Access

    • Roles and Permissions

      • Give Users the Right Access
    • Controlling Specific Permissions on Site

      • Tailor User Permissions
  • Site Building Feature Overview

    • Building Sites

      • Different Kinds of Sites
    • Adding and Managing Pages

      • Different Kinds of Pages
    • Content Feature Overview

      • The Basics of Content Creation

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