A complete digital solution for processing and tracking hazardous waste

Amid a complex regulatory environment, stringency and traceability are essential to our business. Thanks to our customer portal and a perfectly synchronized native mobile application, we bring efficiency, speed, and reliability to the tracking and processing of hazardous waste.
Pascal Gruau
Project Leader, Information System Process

With its role of processing and recovering hazardous waste in Europe, Suez’s Industrial Waste Specialties (IWS) unit turned to Liferay to create a web and mobile-based digital solution available to the various players in this waste management process.

Every year, the Suez IWS entity handles several hundreds of thousands of waste packed in bags, barrels, containers, etc. It needs to know precisely what is being received so it can ensure the waste is traceable and that the staff and the environment are protected. This all goes hand in hand with a set of fairly complex regulations entailing a certain administrative overhead in managing the documents required for good waste traceability.

This is why Suez IWS decided in 2013 to create a B2B portal to make its customers’ everyday lives easier. It provides a paperless solution for handling requests for waste services (recovery, processing or disposal) and sending delivery tracking information.

Since they first set up the portal, Suez IWS has been enhancing it with new features to provide new services to its customers and simplify the waste management process.

In 2015, in an effort to modernize the on-site waste deposit process and switching from a paper-based traceability system to a more efficient digital equivalent, the GAMA project was born.

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