Liferay DevOps

Länge 3 Days
Formate Self-Paced, Instructor-Led, Private
Liferay Versionen 7.1

Prepare Liferay for the Pressures of Production

Learn how to architect Liferay to be highly available and scalable to ensure your customers can reach you when they need to the most.

Integrate Your Existing User Management

Connect Liferay to your LDAP server and maintain your user mapping for an easier user transition.

Run Liferay DXP 7.1 in Docker

Gain knowledge and experience using Docker with Liferay to stay on the cutting edge of DevOps tools.

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What You'll Learn

  • Deploying and Managing Liferay

    • Deploying Liferay for Development

      • Introduction to Docker
      • Installing Liferay on a Java EE Server
      • Simulating a Production Environment
      • Installing Liferay on a Full Profile Server
      • Managing JNDI Connections
    • Configuring Liferay

      • Configuring Platform Settings
      • Configuring Liferay’s Documents and Media Settings
      • Configuring Liferay’s Application Settings
      • Configuring for Staging
  • Clustering a Liferay-Based Solution

    • Clustering Liferay

      • Architecting a Cluster for Fault Tolerance
      • Preventing and Preparing for a Disaster
      • Clustering the Servers
      • Clustering the Portal
      • Configuring Documents and Search
  • Deploying to the Cloud

    • Liferay in the Cloud

      • Working with Liferay in the Cloud
      • Introduction to Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment
  • Authentication and Security

    • Integrating Authentication

      • Integrating Liferay with LDAP and SSO
      • Using LDAP with Liferay
      • Using SSO with Liferay
    • Hardening Liferay

      • Balancing Security and Performance
      • Password Policies and Hashtag
      • Securing Liferay
  • Maintaining the Portal

    • Tools and Backups

      • Using Tools to Monitor Liferay
      • Installing Liferay Fix Packs and Service Packs
      • Restoring Liferay from Backups

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