Personalised Digital Engagement

As people experience new ways to interact with digital, they increasingly expect a modern, fluid and seamless experience on campus, in school, and in faculty and department offices. Liferay enables Education Departments, Universities, Schools, Research Institutes and any organisation involved in delivering high quality education to deliver an engaging online experience that can be easily personalised to meet the different needs of multiple stakeholders.

Liferay has been developing digital experience software for more than a decade. With a heritage in portal and intranet solutions and inherent flexibility Liferay solutions can be tailored to meet a multitude of requirements for students, teachers, academics, staff and parents; plus evolve as the world and popular technology changes.

Education Use Cases

Staff and Student Portals

In any Staff or Student Portal standard functionalities are essential like user management and role-based permissions. Equally important is the ability to easily build integrations to third party systems and apps, and, a fully-featured content management system. Liferay is proven in several Australian state government education departments, such as the NSW Department of Education. These Staff and Student Portal solutions deliver access to multiple applications, news and announcements, policies and procedures, search and content management functionality.

Content Management Systems

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Education team used Liferay to build a CMS to provide school students, teachers and parents with access to an online library of educational resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum. With more than 4000 pieces of content including videos, games and programs the site is visited more than 18,000 times on any school day. ABC Education chose Liferay because of the light-weight, open standard web platform and flexibility to enable rapid development with many features such as social media capabilities, supported out of the box.

Multi-purpose Platform

A Board of Studies statutory authority in Australia uses Liferay for a multi-purpose digital platform for Teachers, Students, Principals, Educational Assessors, Administration Staff, Communications, Events and Curriculum Publishing Staff. The platform acts as a hub to deliver more than 56 subjects, an international assessment offering and mini-sites, all of which are accessed by a range of stakeholders including teachers, students, and educational assessors. Personalised access to subject content, assessment, workshops, quality assurance and policies is provided via the digital platform.

Integration capabilities

New York University (NYU) serves over 55,000 graduate and undergraduate students across a global network of campuses and satellite locations. Entering a phase of growth and expansion, NYU wanted to improve the digital experience delivered to students, faculty and staff. Using the Liferay platform NYU was able to curate a unique experience for each user based on their roles, needs, activity, location and preferences and provide a modern, responsive design across mobile phones, tablets and browsers. Despite the challenge of multiple systems across the university NYU was able to integrate with numerous student, staff and faculty services and provide aggregated notifications.

Unique STEM Solutions

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program. Sponsored by NASA and NSF and in coordination with the Department of State and NOAA, GLOBE is implemented in 116 countries. GLOBE promotes the teaching and learning of science and supports worldwide collaboration between students, teachers and scientists. GLOBE and its partners wanted to develop a new, modern and collaborative environment, while maintaining the content, features and legacy data of nearly two decades in the original system. The new framework was required to support over 30,000 organisations and over 100,000 monthly visitors with a role structure that integrated user management, content management and collaboration within an enterprise-quality architecture.

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