2 October 2018

The Waldorf Hilton, London

Liferay Digital Solutions Forum 2018

The forum is a unique opportunity to interact with members of the Liferay community and discover new products. Find out how participants made the most of their time in 2018.
I was pleasantly surprised by how well this event was organised. Everybody was really friendly and I spent some valuable time speaking to presenters and learning new things around the latest developments.
Zoltan Szoke
I would say definitely attend because the venue and sessions have blown myself and my colleagues away. I haven't been to LDSF before so wasn't sure of what to expect but, we have been really impressed in terms of networking opportunities and the choice of sessions it had.
Nanna Krebs
Walgreens Boots Alliance
The biggest highlight has been understanding the DXP product and the new version 7.1 which is quite interesting in terms of collaborative and social features.
Bobby Abraham
Edwardian Hotels
I want to mention that the conference was very well organized. I met a lot of friendly people from the industry and got a lot of insight into the platform updates, use cases and product roadmap. It was a day well spent, and of course, I’ll be keen on coming again next year.
Andrei Boico
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