Protect Your Business from Disruption with an All-in-One Platform

In the midst of economic uncertainty, choose a digital experience platform that empowers you to create the solutions you need without sacrificing speed, flexibility, or budget.
Create the Right Solution
Build and connect multiple solutions from customer portals to intranets to commerce sites. Liferay's low-code tools mean your entire team can create and update the platform quickly.
Consolidate and Integrate Technologies
Reduce your overall technology investment by leveraging Liferay’s flexible platform designed to replace disparate software and integrate easily with third-party apps.
Save on IT Resources and Maintenance
With Liferay’s secure cloud infrastructure and fully-managed SaaS offering, your IT team can focus on critical projects while accelerating time-to-market.

These companies are using Liferay technology to power their future. What about you?

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Since 2004, Liferay has been helping our customers, employees, partners, and community reach their full potential to serve others. With open-source roots, we've grown to 1200+ employees across the globe and strive to stay true to the core values that brought us here.

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