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They still used a content management and edition that was quite analogical, and many times had to resort to paper sheets delivered for pre-approval of the material. The Liferay tool scanned and streamlined the process.
Thiago Dantas
Designer, Sea Tecnologia

The Brazilian Army is one of the three Armed Forces of Brazil responsible externally for the defense of the country's eminently terrestrial operations, and internally for enforcing law and order and the country's constitutional powers.


The portal used by the Brazilian Army lacked in visual consistency and security, which affected the accessibility and usability of its pages. Military officials felt poorly represented by the disorganized model which also created huge inefficiencies in communication.

The Brazilian Army needed an internal system that ensured confidentiality and security in communication channels. Its former model did not support digital content management, causing officials to rely on analogue media such as print copies. These difficulties in content editing and management resulted in lost productivity. It was clear that the Brazilian Army required a portal that could provide content security and an easy-to-use communication system while transforming the overall layout of the portal.


The Brazilian Army partnered with system integrator and Liferay partner, Sea Tecnologia for a portal modernization plan. Capturing the military persona of the Brazilian Army, Sea also designed an information architecture specifically to simplify navigation through visual consistency. An internal communication system was exclusively developed by Sea to ensure content security between the barracks. This portlet, called the Resiscomsex, provides priority confidentiality for data exchange between officials. With the help of Liferay, content management and editing was greatly simplified. Its ease of administration and straightforward approach to content management decentralized the process and allowed users to create and edit content without prior knowledge of HTML or experience in specialist areas.

All sites that did not seem connected to the matrix were changed, thereby generating a consistent hierarchy, where the Army's Portal covers all its branches, increasing its number of visits, leveraged by the people who previously only visited the aggregated pages, without understanding that they were part of a single set.

Today, the Brazilian Army demonstrates a more efficient means of communication and a more unified external image and internal system of management. Though in the past, content was managed analogically, Resiscomex and Liferay streamlined the overall process, increasing the productivity and autonomy of its platform and enabling militia-wide task management.

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