Partner Bootcamp

Dates: 22-26 May
Location: London, UK

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The Partner Bootcamp is coming to London!

We are excited to announce the EU Partner Bootcamp of 2017 is now open for registration. We will be explicitly covering developer topics and the 5 days will consist of Application Developer and Platform Developer Training. You may have deduced that this adds up to 6 days of training squeezed into 5. Please read on for more on the content:

Application Developer

Learn how to build real-world applications quickly with this course. Application Developer shows you how Liferay’s Module Framework reduces development time and makes your applications easier to maintain. You’ll also discover how things work behind the scenes so you can take full control of your application lifecycle.

Platform Developer

With Platform Developer training, you’ll discover that developing customisations on the Liferay platform has never been easier. This course features real use cases designed to help you problem-solve issues and customise any aspect of the Liferay platform.

The target audience is the same for both courses. More experienced participants should know that we explicitly cater for students who are new to developing in the portal world, so veteran Liferay users may find the pace a bit slower than they would like. It's always better to know this upfront.


Etc venues - Victoria
1 Drummond Gate
London, SW1V 2QQ


The standard price for this bootcamp is £ 2,500 but, as the Service Partner Program Guide lays out, every partner can send a limited number of people for the steeply discounted price of £ 500:

  • Silver Partners: 2 students for £ 500 , more for £ 2,500
  • Gold Partners: 3 students for £ 500, more for £ 2,500
  • Platinum Partners: 4 students for £ 500 , more for £ 2,500

*Seats are limited so please wait for registration confirmation before booking travel.


Please make sure you check your system for the following requirements:

  • Windows x64, Mac OS X, or Linux x64 8 GB RAM
  • Administrative access to install software
  • Ability to configure or deactivate anti-virus/firewall software during training.

Software Requirements (to be installed prior to training)
  • Oracle Java JDK 8
  • The JAVA_HOME environment variable should be set.
  • MySQL Server 5.6. We will install during training, but please note that Liferay Digital Enterprise is not compatible with MySQL 5.5 or earlier.
  • You must know the MySQL administrator username and password.

Software Recommendations
  • MySQL Client tools.
  • An unzip tool such as 7-zip.
  • A full-featured text editor such as Notepad++


If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Regarding content and technical questions please email Olaf Kock. Regarding local and admin questions please email Sylvia Assumpcao.

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