Liferay DXP Platform Technology

Horizontal Portal Core Key Features

Grow your business needs with a flexible and reliable platform that integrates with your backend systems.

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Performance & Scalability

Liferay DXP supports clustering at any combination of tiers (presentation, service, business logic, and database), advanced caching (e.g. Ehcache), and performance monitoring support (JMX, Java profiling, and more).


Government-grade encryption such as DES, MD5, SHA and RSA is built-in. Additionally, we support pluggable authentication, LDAP authentication, email verification, granular permissioning, and session management.


Liferay DXP ships with Elasticsearch for development and non-prod environments. This allows configurable faceted searches across assets and content. Liferay Enterprise Search is an add-on option providing out-of-the-box connectivity and support for Liferay and Elastic components as well as one stop support for both technologies. For those who prefer it, Solr can be configured for use with Liferay DXP through an app found in our marketplace.

Developer Languages and UI Frameworks

The following languages and frameworks are supported: Java, JSF, Liferay Lexicon, Groovy, GWT, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Metal.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, Senna.js, Lodash, Vaadin, Ruby, Scala, and others.

Identity Management Support

Liferay DXP is compatible with LDAP, SAML, OAuth, OpenSSO/OpenAM, SiteMinder, Tivoli Access Manager, Facebook Login, CAS, NTLM, Google, Web Services, SOAP, JSON, and REST.

User Management

Create and manage users, organizations, user groups, roles, and password policies. View all of the live portal sessions of your users.

Theme Developer Languages

FreeMarker and Velocity are the supported theme developer languages.

Other Back-end APIs

Back-end APIs allow connections to the following objects: assets, cache, comments, data handlers, file storage, geolocation, membership policies, message bus, permissions, recycle bin, scheduler, scripting, search, upgrade, and workflow

Other Standards/Technologies

Other supported standards and technologies include AJAX, iCalendar, Microformat, JSR-168 (Portlet), JSR-286 (Portlet 2.0), JSR-127 (JSF), JSR-314 (JSF 2.0,2.1), JSR-344 (JSF 2.2), Spring 3.0, CMIS 1.0/1.1, Hibernate collection of projects, OSGi Core 6.0, SAML 2.0, OAuth 1.1

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