Create an Enterprise Website That Serves Custom Experiences

Provide tailored content experiences across your buyer’s journey, from prospect to customer to advocate, to meet their individual needs.


What kind of websites do customers build on Liferay?

Easy to Use

Corporate Websites

Represent your brand through a great looking site tailored to specific audiences and needs.

Enterprise Integration

Customer Self-Service Sites

Make it easier for your customer to get things done with online tools and reduce the cost of support.

Tailored Experiences

Customer Loyalty Sites

Provide online incentive programs that encourage long-term and healthy customer relationships.

We've seen a constant increase in visitor numbers over the last few years. That translates into millions in revenue through the May Fair website which runs on Liferay.

Corporate Website Features

Content Targeting

Content Targeting

Create and track highly targeted marketing campaigns that present the right message to your visitors at the right time, based on social profile, behavior and browsing history.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Responsive web experiences out of the box ensure a consistent customer experience, no matter what device your customers use.

Identity Management

Enterprise Integration

Give secure access to data from back-end applications and cloud-based services via an open source integration platform.

Social Communities

Social Communities

Blogs, wikis, message boards, social ratings, comments, notifications, activity feeds and relationships.

Multi-Site Platform

Multi-Site Platform

Build public websites and customer portals with a CMS that can create the same look & feel for a seamless experience.

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

Access information, submit content and complete business processes from mobile devices.

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This is how Liferay DXP is different:


A platform that can grow with your needs.

Start small by building a website, portal or intranet. Expand your vision later by quickly creating touch points across your customer’s journey.

Three Key Strategies for Consistent Customer Experiences

Customer experiences greatly affect brand reputation and return business. Read three strategies for a digital blueprint that creates a consistent and engaging customer experiences across all channels.

See how Liferay DXP can work for you.