Earlier this month, Liferay executives, customers, partners and employees gathered in New Orleans to discuss how companies can take the next step in digital innovation. Liferay CEO Bryan Cheung shared that IT leaders need to find ways to get closer to Business, because both areas of expertise are needed to succeed at digital transformation.

Obviously, this a broad topic, and we had over forty sessions dedicated to exploring this for enterprises. Here are the top three takeaways from the event to get your company started on improving digital innovation.

Takeaway #1: IT leaders need to build trust with Business.

If you’re an IT leader, you can start building trust with business users by showing them that you understand the problems they’re trying to solve. By demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to truly examine the challenges they face, you can overcome skepticism across the organization. The evolution of technology means that IT has the ability to solve problems that have traditionally been outside its domain, opening up opportunities for collaboration with Business.

Takeaway #2: Customer experience is still king.

No one should be surprised to hear that customer experience was a big topic at LSNA, with sessions on evolving your marketing and the importance of customer data platforms for enterprises.

We also heard how Dropbox is improving partner experience with a redesigned partner portal. More and more, companies are looking at improving employee and partner experiences as a way to boost customer experience, with dedicated solutions that reuse many of the UX lessons we’ve seen in customer-facing touchpoints.

Takeaway #3: Digital transformation is big, but there are bigger problems out there.

To close the event, we heard from Carol Hart at Zoe International about their work to fight child trafficking in Thailand. Bryan Cheung reminded us that, if they can relentlessly work at solving a problem that huge, then companies can work just as hard at solving digital transformation challenges. IT leaders are well-equipped to tackle the challenges ahead of them

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LSNA 2018 is over, but the recap site is live! Check out what you missed with recordings and slides from our keynotes and sessions.

You can also look for the “Live from LSNA” tag in our blogs to read highlights from this year’s event. Hope to see you next year!

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