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PRESS RELEASE: Liferay Recognizes Youngsoft as a Platinum Partner

Enterprise services provider responds to demand for Liferay’s portal technologies across an array of industries

LOS ANGELES, CA – (April 10, 2012) --  Liferay, Inc., provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class, open source portal, announced today that Youngsoft, Inc. has become a Liferay Platinum Partner by leveraging the power of the open source portal to a variety of clients across a diversified range of industries, in both the private and public sectors.

”We are proud to recognize Youngsoft as a Liferay Platinum Partner,” said Bryan Cheung, Liferay’s CEO. “Youngsoft has been a valuable partner for over four years during which they have continually provided a high level of expertise in Liferay’s products. Their high-caliber enterprise portal solutions span multiple industries, providing strong technical value while fulfilling the business goals of their customers."

Youngsoft provides expert Liferay support and consultations and other IT services to customers in healthcare, manufacturing, education and state government. This includes a variety of healthcare providers, payers and caregivers. Within manufacturing, Youngsoft has built Liferay Portal solutions for automotive and discreet manufacturing companies. Additionally, Youngsoft’s expertise has been leveraged within multiple educational institutions and state governments for developing superior portal solutions using Liferay.

“The majority of our clients are looking for the flexibility and efficiency of a robust open source portal solution, and Liferay Portal has been a leading choice,” said Youngsoft President and CEO Rupesh Srivastava.  “Many of our customers are looking for implementation expertise from a partner who can lead the project as well as work seamlessly with their existing teams. With over four years experience in Liferay technologies across multiple industry verticals, our Youngsoft Liferay Practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality, Liferay-trained experts who can meet very high-demand customer requirements. As we enjoy a close relationship with the Liferay leadership and a strong dedication to sharing our knowledge throughout the Liferay community, we are pleased to be one of only six North America-based companies to be so honored with the Platinum designation."

For more information about Liferay, visit www.liferay.com.  Additional information about Youngsoft, Inc. can be found at www.youngsoft.com and on the Liferay website partner page.

About Youngsoft, Inc.:
Youngsoft, Inc., incorporated in 1996, offers local, onshore/offshore or offshore solution design and development services utilizing its CMMI certified software development center at its global headquarters in Wixom, Michigan. We are an established provider of Liferay portal and other IT services including solution design/development, professional services staffing support, consulting, as well as proprietary product sales and service. Through extensive experience supporting the IT needs of Fortune 100 companies as well as small business enterprises throughout North America, the organization provides fully-customized products and services. Youngsoft is passionate about its Clients, and is firmly focused on providing customer satisfaction through exceptional services and products in a timely, quality, cost effective, and professional manner.

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