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One-Stop-Shop Communication Platform for Hotel Partners

Being open source and having the ability to customize were, by far, Liferay's most important features.
Greg Horne
VP, Corporate Information Systems at Priceline.com

Priceline.com is a leading online hotel reservation service, offering consumers access to hotels around the world on both a published-price and a Name Your Own Price® basis. Since its foundation in 1998, Priceline.com has saved consumers billions of dollars on their hotel reservations.



Priceline.com faces an ongoing challenge of maintaining up-to-date lists of authorized contacts at its partner hotels. Employee turnover is typically high in the hotel industry. Priceline.com needed a solution that would continually provide easy access to up-to-date hotel contact information without creating additional IT costs for its hotel partners.


Priceline.com decided to create a communications channel for all of its hotel partners that also acts as the central location for managing partner activities. Liferay was selected as the platform for this initiative because of its robustness in features and customizable open-source nature. In addition, Liferay contained a complex hierarchy of permission and an API/SOAP interface that supported bulk-load users and organizations. "Being open source and having the ability to customize were, by far, Liferay's most important features," said Greg Horne, VP, Corporate Information Systems at Priceline.com. "The Liferay solution provides our partners with a single location where all partner activity and function points can be managed, and also functions as the consolidated communication channel for all of our hotel partners." Using Liferay, Priceline.com's IT team created a portlet with the enhanced ability to allow a registered hotel partner to remotely change authorized users. Priceline.com employees monitor and validate all change requests, making the adjustments to a backend database. Liferay supports the front end of the updating process. In addition, using Liferay's document management capabilities, Priceline.com created a one-stop document repository that answers even the most obscure questions reported by its base of external partners. Partners can access large data feed files, execute interactive reports, review static legacy reports and read procedural documents.

Business Value Added

Priceline.com expects to reap cost benefit savings with its new communications channel built on Liferay as the company retires older legacy systems.

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