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Back-end Developer


The Planning Stage ensures you prepare in the best and most effective ways. This includes assembling a team and assigning everyone specific roles. Decisions you make during the Planning Stage can help you save time and money long-term.

Estimated Time to Complete Stage: 2 Hours 30 Mins


Estimated Completion Time: 1 Week | High Intensity
Gather the team, review DXP and how it works as a platform, and discuss your goals. Don't forget to highlight areas of risk.
Intro to the Kickoff Phase | 00:35
1 Hour

Liferay Fundamentals Module 1

Building Digital Experiences with Liferay DXP

See how Liferay is transforming enterprises by providing digital solutions tailored to their needs. From Digital Workplaces to Patient Portals, Liferay DXP is a flexible solution for every business scenario.


Milestone Checkpoint

Make sure you have:
  • Planned out your project
  • Assembled your team
  • Determined roles and responsibilities
  • Set a timeline
  • Provisioned your team
  • Created team Liferay.com accounts
  • Registered with Liferay University


Estimated Completion Time: 1–2 Weeks | High Intensity
Plan your solution, define team roles, and prepare the development environments. Verify that the right team members have all they need.
Intro to the Setup Phase | 00:37 
30 Mins

Back-End Developer Module 1

Setting Up the Back-End Development Environment

Get the essentials of Liferay DXP development and discover other available development options.


Milestone Checkpoint

Make sure you have:
  • Solidified your project plan
  • Determined which third-party systems will be used and how they integrate with the Liferay Commerce Platform
  • Created a development strategy for extending the platform
  • Set performance KPIs for the project
  • Set up your Liferay Commerce instance and development environment
  • Completed all Liferay University modules up to this point

You've finished the Planning Stage.

Your CSM will reach out to you within the next 24–48 hours to schedule a debrief meeting. By completing this stage, you have:
  • Planned out your project
  • Set up your commerce platform and development environment
  • Decided which external systems and extension points will be leveraged in Liferay Commerce
  • Completed all Liferay University modules for the Kickoff and Setup phases