Content Management 7.0

Longitud 2 Days
Formatos Instructor-Led, Private, Online
Versiones de Liferay 7.0

Simplify Content Creation

Understanding Liferay’s powerful CMS means you’re in control. Structure content and use templates for consistent styling and faster updates.

Organize Everything

Learn how to manage and organize thousands of articles and documents to save unnecessary search time.

Publish On Time, All the Time

Work better behind the scenes. Master workflow and staging to streamline your publication and update process.

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What You'll Learn 7.0

  • Taking Control of the Content Process

    • Driving the Content Process in Liferay

      • Content Management Concepts
      • Solving Real-World Content Needs
    • Authoring Content

      • Storing Content in Liferay
      • Web Content Management
    • Organizing Content

      • Using Folders to Organize Content
      • Tagging and Categorizing Content to Make Searching Faster
    • Managing Content

      • Changing Content Display Options
      • Automating Content Updates with Asset Publisher
  • Delivering and Publishing Content

    • Managing Content (Continued)

      • Applying Consistent Design to Structures with Content
      • Improving SEO Ranking with Metadata
      • Incorporating Accessibility Practices
    • Syncing Content Between Teams

      • Managing Documents with Liferay Sync
      • Separating Team Projects Across Wiki Nodes
    • Delivering Content to the Right Audience

      • Defining User Segments
      • Targeting Content to Different User Segments
      • Gathering User Analytics
      • Integrating Google Analytics
    • Publishing Content to Live

      • Reviewing Content Submissions
      • Staging Content Before Publishing

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