Instructor-led Training

Back-End Developer

Learn how to rapidly build real-world applications and customize any aspect of the platform.

Version DXP 7.2 | Length 5 Days

Key Takeaways
  • Learn what headless is and it's pros and cons
  • See what use cases in which headless is optimal and when it is not
  • Explore what the future of headless could be

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¿Qué aprenderás en este curso?

  • Desarrollo de aplicaciones

    • Configuración del entorno de desarrollo

      • Prepara tu entorno para el desarrollo
  • OSGi Basics

    • The OSGi Framework

      • Working Within the OSGi Framework and Liferay
    • Bundles

      • Learn the Building Blocks of OSGi
    • Components and Services

      • Registering a Component as a Service
    • Sharing Features

    • OSGi Architecture

    • OSGi Benefits

  • Liferay's OSGi Container

  • Managing OSGi Bundles

  • Working with Portlet Modules

  • Real-World Applications

    • Implement Workflow Support

    • Integrate with External Systems

    • Logging

    • Testing

    • Debugging

    • Managing Deployment Issues

  • Platform Architecture Overview

    • Overview of the Architecture

      • Core Technologies and Standards
  • Customize the User Interface

    • Liferay User Interface Technologies Overview

    • Change the Default Application UI with Widget Templates

    • Customize the Application JSPs

  • Extend the Liferay Schema

    • Introducing Custom Fields

    • The Expando API

  • Customize the Service Layer

    • Service Wrappers

    • Override OSGi Service References

  • Override Controller Actions

    • Override MVC Commands

    • Override Struts Actions

  • Catch Portal Events

    • Catch Portal Lifecycle Events

    • Intercept Events with Model Listeners

  • Leverage the Liferay Message Bus

    • Introducing the Liferay Message Bus

  • Customize the Portal Search

    • Introducing Liferay Search

    • Basic Search Concepts

    • Customize Indexing and Searching

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