Application Developer

Aprenda a crear rápidamente aplicaciones para el mundo real.

Longitud: 3 días
Formatos: Público, Privado
Versiones de Liferay: DXP

*También disponible a través de formación privada para Liferay 6.2.

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Curso para

  • Líderes Técnicos
  • Desarrolladores de Aplicación
  • Desarrolladores de Portal

Teams that have taken training:

"Training was awesome. It really helped me to understand some fundamentals I'd had no idea about when I was working. Now I understand the platform better."

Manovinayak Ayyappan
NCS Pte Ltd


Día 1

  • Elements/toggle grey Development Environment
    • Installing Developer Studio
    • Liferay Development Environment
  • Elements/toggle grey Module Lifecycle
    • Developing Applications in the Module Framework
    • What are Modules?
    • What are Components?
    • Application Lifecycle
  • Elements/toggle grey Building Modules
    • Building a module
  • Elements/toggle grey Building Services
    • Service Architecture
    • Creating a Basic Service
    • Implementing Your Service
  • Elements/toggle grey The JSR-286 Portlet Specification
    • A JSR-286 Portlet Specification
    • What are Portlets?
    • The Portlet Lifecycle
    • What is IPC?
  • Elements/toggle grey Interacting with the Shell
    • Overview of the Shell
    • Bundle Installation
    • Deployment Status

Día 2

  • Elements/toggle grey Building Portlet Modules
    • Portlet Components
    • Configuring Portlet Attributes
    • Presentation Layer
    • Controller Layer
  • Elements/toggle grey Debugging Module Deployment
    • Dependency Resolution
    • Troubleshooting Deployment
    • Discovering Services
  • Elements/toggle grey Bringing Everything Together In a Real World Application
    • Project Overview
    • Creating the Portlet
    • Model & Persistence Layer
    • Service Layer
    • View Layer

Día 3

  • Elements/toggle grey Liferay Utilities
    • Common Utilities
      • Tag Libraries
    • Tag Libraries
      • User Feedback
    • Elements/toggle grey Implementing Permissions
      • Permissions
    • Elements/toggle grey Liferay Services
      • How to Use Liferay Services
      • Liferay's Core Services
      • Getting User Data
    • Elements/toggle grey Integrating with Liferay Frameworks
      • The Asset Framework
      • Assets
      • Search
  • Elements/toggle grey Upgrade Strategy
    • Upgrading from Liferay 6.2 to DXP

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