Platform Developer

Develop customizations easier than ever before.

Longitud: 3 Days
Formatos: Public, Private, Online*
Versiones de Liferay: DXP
Prerequisites: This course requires Java development experience.

*Instructor-led for 5 days, 5 hours/day

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Curso para

  • Technical Leads
  • Platform Developers
  • Java Developers

Teams that have taken training:

"Training was awesome. It really helped me to understand some fundamentals I'd had no idea about when I was working. Now I understand the platform better."

Manovinayak Ayyappan
NCS Pte Ltd


Día 1

  • Elements/toggle grey Liferay Platform Architecture and Toolsets
    • Development Environment
    • Platform Architecture
  • Elements/toggle grey Developing on the Liferay Platform
    • Introducing OSGi
    • Customizing with Modules
    • Module Lifecycle
    • Implementing Features with Components
    • Deploying Customizations with the Shell
  • Elements/toggle grey Customization via Configuration
    • Configuration Framework
    • Customizing Default Settings
  • Elements/toggle grey Customizing the View
    • Developing Custom Application UIs through the GUI
    • Overriding Application JSPs
    • Overriding Kernel JSPs
    • Using JavaScript Extension Points to Change Core Behavior
    • Customizing Product Navigation Menus

Día 2

  • Elements/toggle grey Localization
    • Overriding Resource Bundles
    • Adding Locales
  • Elements/toggle grey Customizing the Controller
    • Elements/toggle grey Using MVC Commands to Override the Controller
      • Render Commands
      • Action Commands
    • Overriding the Controller in the Kernel
  • Elements/toggle grey Customizing the Service Layer
    • Overriding Services
    • Extending Services with Service Wrappers
  • Elements/toggle grey Publishing Services
    • Simplifying Communication with REST Services
    • Publishing Web Services
  • Elements/toggle grey Customizing the Persistence Layer
    • Intercepting Events with Model Listeners
    • Extending the Liferay Schema
  • Elements/toggle grey Messaging
    • Message Bus: Liferay’s Lightweight Framework
    • Sending Messages Across the Network

Día 3

  • Elements/toggle grey Authentication
    • Customizing the Authentication Pipeline
    • Using LDAP Sync to Map Users
    • Automatically Logging In Users
    • Elements/toggle grey Securing Remote Access with AuthVerifiers
      • Controlling Access with Service Access Policies
  • Elements/toggle grey Search
    • Customizing the Search Index
    • Tailoring Search Queries
    • Filtering Search Results Using Facets
  • Elements/toggle grey Lifecycle Events
    • Injecting Custom Logic in the Request
    • Implementing Servlet / Portlet Filters
    • Customizing Server Startup
    • Participating in Shutdown Events