System Administrator

Despliega Liferay con éxito en un entorno de producción.

Longitud: 3 Días
Formatos: Público, Privado
Versiones de Liferay: DXP*

*También disponible a través de formación privada para Liferay 6.2.

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Curso para

  • Infraestructura
  • DevOps
  • Administradores de Sitios

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"The best way to start when planning to cluster Liferay."

Henri Leisma


Día 1

  • Elements/toggle grey Deploying and Managing Liferay in a Non-Clustered Environment for Development and Testing
    • Elements/toggle grey Deploying and Managing Liferay in a Non-Clustered Environment for Development and Testing
      • Liferay Deployment Overview
      • Using a Web Server for Security
    • Elements/toggle grey Installing Liferay on a Java EE Server
      • Installing Liferay on a Java EE Server
      • Setting up the Database Connection
      • Setting up the Mail Server Connection
      • Deploying Applications
  • Elements/toggle grey Configuring Liferay Settings
    • Elements/toggle grey Configuring Default Settings
      • Different Methods of Configuration
      • Using System Settings and Control Panel
      • Removing Default Data
      • Configuring for Supported Locales and Timezones
      • Configuring User Public and Private Layouts
    • Elements/toggle grey Configuring Document Settings
      • Configuring Document Mimetypes
      • Configuring Custom Document Metadata
      • Enhancing Document Previews
      • Enabling Document Conversion
      • Inline Audio and Video
    • Elements/toggle grey Configuring Application Settings
      • Configuring Application Defaults
      • Marketplace Applications
      • Configuring for Auto-Deploy and Hot Deploy
    • Elements/toggle grey Configuring for Environment-Specific Settings
      • Migrating Settings Across Environments
    • Elements/toggle grey Configuring for Staging
      • Publishing Content to Production
      • Setting up a Remote Staging Server
      • Configuring Staging for Performance

Día 2

  • Elements/toggle grey Clustering a Liferay–based Solution
    • Elements/toggle grey Basics of Fault Tolerance
      • Reference Architecture
      • Fundamentals of Fault Tolerance
      • Session Replication vs. Server Affinity
      • Defining Business Continuity Planning Strategies
    • Elements/toggle grey Clustering the Servers
      • Clustering the Servers
      • Configuring the Load Balancer
      • Clustering the J2EE Servers
      • Deploying Apps in a Cluster
    • Elements/toggle grey Clustering the Portal
      • Cluster Communication
      • Configuring Multicast
      • Clustering the Cache
      • Clustering the Scheduler
      • Configuring for Unicast
    • Elements/toggle grey Configuring Documents and Search
      • Clustering the Document Repository
      • Clustering Elasticsearch

Día 3

  • Elements/toggle grey Deploying to the Cloud (Optional)
    • Deploying Liferay in the Cloud
    • Deploying to Amazon Web Services
  • Elements/toggle grey Authentication
    • Integrating SSO and LDAP
    • Using LDAP for Authentication
    • Importing Users from LDAP
    • Using SSO for Authentication
    • Elements/toggle grey Configuring for SAML
      • Liferay as an Identity Provider
      • Liferay as a Service Provider
  • Elements/toggle grey Hardening Liferay
    • Balancing Security and Performance
    • Securing your Cluster
    • Password Policies and Encryption
    • Elements/toggle grey Securing Services
      • AuthVerifier
      • Security Access Profiles
    • Security for Remote Staging
  • Elements/toggle grey Maintaining Your Portal
    • Monitoring Tools
    • Analyzing Logs
  • Elements/toggle grey Performance Tuning
    • Elements/toggle grey Defining Your Performance Plan
      • Setting Your Performance Budget
      • Determining Your Test Plans
      • Running Tests to Determine Performance
    • Performance Management Tools
    • Load Testing
    • Java Memory Management
    • Optimizing Your Liferay Instance
    • Tuning Elasticsearch
    • Configuring the Web Server for Performance
  • Elements/toggle grey Maintaining Your Portal
    • Installing the Latest Fixes
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Elements/toggle grey Upgrading Liferay
    • Preparing for an Upgrade
    • Configuring Upgrade and Verify Processes
    • Using the Upgrade Tool

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