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Allianz Delivers a Better Customer Experience

My Insurance Portfolio is dynamic and personal, and a testimony to how technology can tangibly impact a business.
Kerry Fullagar
Former Head of IT Strategy, Architecture and Development

Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd (Allianz) is the fourth-largest general insurance company in Australia with over two million policyholders. Allianz is also one of Australia’s leading workers compensation insurers, providing coverage for more than half of Australia’s largest 100 companies and one in five Australian employees.

Through a series of consumer surveys, Allianz identified that its customer online offering was lagging in overall functionality. While the company boasted a history of market leadership and strong brand recognition, it faced a new challenge of competing with younger, fast-growing insurers that were attracting and winning business with their dynamic online websites.

Matching Online Presence with Sales and Marketing Strategies

“As a sales tool, our online offering was not as effective as it could have been,” explained Kerry Fullagar, Head of IT Strategy, Architecture and Development. “It was very informational and did communicate the Allianz branding via text and images, but we needed to take it to the next level.”

Allianz undertook a complete site makeover to more effectively incorporate online presence into sales and marketing strategies. Allianz wanted the new site to not only provide valuable and relevant information, but also allow visitors to interact with the company and make purchases as simple and hassle-free as possible. “We needed our offering to echo our company’s dedication to providing a superior customer experience,” said Fullagar.

During an extensive search for the right technology, a number of proprietary and open source products were evaluated. Allianz considered building an in-house proprietary solution from scratch, but ultimately found everything they needed in Liferay, in terms of feature-set, ease of customisation, the ability to meet time and budget constraints, and make Allianz’s business requirements a reality.

“Liferay allowed us to do everything that we needed to with ease,” said Fullagar. Integration with Allianz’s existing databases and data sources enabled visitors to search for and save quotes, create unique user accounts, and establish an online identity with Allianz that tracked all their insurance activities.

After engaging with Liferay’s professional services team the company launched My Insurance Portfolio, an entirely new customer portal providing visitors a comprehensive and interactive view of their insurance-related identity.

Enhanced User Convenience

Through My Insurance Portfolio, both existing and prospective customers can log-in to a secure online environment with centralised access to personal profiles, policy information, and purchasing options.

“My Insurance Portfolio is dynamic and personal, and a testimony to how technology can tangibly impact a business. Thanks to Liferay, our online presence echoes the company’s core values and emphasis on quality service, and is now an integrated part of sales and marketing strategies,” said Fullagar.

Allianz customers see an aggregated list of their policies and quote information complete with functionality for policy renewal and bill payment. In addition, My Insurance Portfolio also sends similar renewal and billing alerts for any non-Allianz policies an account holder adds to their portfolio, delivering a customer service experience truly devoted to user convenience. To help users quickly find relevant information in their future interactions with Allianz, the portal pulls and displays a history of all quotes and applications received and submitted. Not only can account holders view their policy information, they can edit and update personal details for all policies from one place and correspond with Allianz’s support team with any questions they may have.

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