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Liferay Symposium: Featured Speakers & the Future of Mobile

8 juillet 2014 Par Angela Wu Staff

We asked our featured speakers for their take and insight into where mobile is headed in design, user experience and...

Come and Join us in Liferay Beijing Roadshow!

2 juillet 2014 Par Jane Qu Staff

More and more organizations in China are realizing the importance of having a portal...

Common Pitfalls When Clustering Liferay

1 juillet 2014 Par James Min Staff

Trying to cluster Liferay? Think it's as simple as just putting a bunch of Liferay servers behind a load balancer?...

Upcoming customization options with Application Display Templates

12 juin 2014 Par Eduardo P. Garcia Staff

Application Display Templates have become one of the most popular features in Liferay Portal 6.2. Last year we...

Documentation collaboration?

10 juin 2014 Par Justin Choi Staff

Liferay has grown from a handful of employees to a mid size corporation. When I first started Liferay in January,...

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Community Blogs

Using existing Bootstrap themes in Liferay (Part I).

14 juillet 2014 Par Juan Gonzalez Staff

Yes, it's true bootstrap give us a lot of improvements for creating themes. And is also true that since Liferay 6.2...

Liferay IDE 2.1.1 Release

9 juillet 2014 Par Gregory Amerson Staff

A new release of Liferay IDE has been made available today, version 2.1.1. You can update or install the new release...

Emergence of the Honest Economy

9 juillet 2014 Par Martin Yan Staff

There is a strong narrative emerging in the marketplace. Increasingly, companies are offering a more...

What I learned in 2 years at Liferay

8 juillet 2014 Par Zeno Rocha Staff

Seems like yesterday when I decided to move from this huge company based in Rio to this not-so-well-known company...

Connecting to different database using Liferay Service Builder

8 juillet 2014 Par Srikanth Reddy

Connecting to different database using Liferay Service Builder Generally when we create a Custom...

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