Quickly build great websites and mobile apps.

Great digital experiences help customers get things done and communicate their needs, so you can stay connected.

Websites are easy to create with Liferay.

Drag-and-drop pages together, including targeted content.

Use localization, user segments and more out of the box.

Build more sophisticated mobile apps.

Target content and functionality to specific segments.

Reuse back office services without writing extra code.

Use forms and workflow to learn more about your customers.


Workflow gets the data to the right people in your organization.


From surveys to custom applications, forms are flexible and easy.

APIs let you surface assets and content to any digital interface.

Liferay’s front-end Libraries can be used everywhere from kiosks and interactive displays to in-vehicle or retail experiences.

Create experiences that give control to your customers.

Liferay DXP connects to back office systems so your users can get things done, like pay bills, renew their orders or check their order status.

Suez bridged more than 50 legacy systems to create one experience for their customers.

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Create one experience across all interactions.

Customers will have thousands of interactions with you. Connect the dots and help them understand your relationship.

Liferay gives your customers one account for all your touchpoints.

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Lexicon Design language provides a consistent UI.

Responsive design and reusable services means all channels are consistent.

Trois stratégies clés pour une expérience client cohérente

L’expérience client a des répercussions importantes sur l’image de marque et la fidélité des clients. Découvrez les trois stratégies pour définir un projet digital capable de créer une expérience client cohérente et attrayante sur tous les supports.