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Employee portal upgrade strengthens and connects the unique needs of insurance departments.

The wide range of functions offered by Liferay helps us create expertise synergy and avoid isolated solutions. Moreover, harmonized technologies offer benefits for license and provider management from both a personnel and technical perspective.
Matthias Neuburger
Technical Project Manager, Delvag

The insurance group of Lufthansa, Delvag uses Liferay as the basis for the websites of its subsidiaries Delvag Versicherungs-AG and Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH. Delvag, a provider of aviation and drone insurance, chose Liferay as the basis for its internal communication and application platform back in 2012, as it was the ideal solution. “Compared to the solutions from other providers, Liferay offers obvious advantages thanks to its high number of functions,” said Matthias Neuburger, Technical Project Manager at Delvag. “With this platform, we avoid individual solutions with different functions, for example document management or the maintenance of different content.” The upgradeable and flexible platform has been proven successful and Delvag is confident it can meet new requirements in the future, such as achieving a better customer experience.

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