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Modern Intranets for the Digital Workplace

A distracted workforce is an unproductive workforce. Spending hours searching for information and doing menial, repeated tasks hurts employee engagement. Recapture this time with a modern intranet that brings critical knowledge, internal experts, processes, and systems into one place, tailored for individual needs.

I see Liferay as being the cornerstone for our digital ecosystem. It is integral to our future and the digital environment our employees experience every day, whether they’re in the store or in the office.
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Dante Ragazzo
Director, Enterprise Portal, Coach Inc.

Intranet Platform Benefits

  • Modern User Experience

    Replace aging systems with a sleek, intuitive UI that makes it easy to use by all employees, not just IT.

  • Intranets are Better with Content

    Create exceptional experiences for your employees on a completely customizable platform and fully integrated CMS.

  • Customized Workflows

    Create simple to complex workflows, that automate processes for employees, with a drag-and-drop designer.

  • Digital Asset Management

    Keep assets organized and searchable with a full DAM system and integration with Elasticsearch.

  • Single Sign On

    Do a digital declutter and unite all the corporate sites your employees use under one login and password.

  • Role-Based Content Delivery

    Cut through the distractions and surface the most important information for each employee and team.

  • Mobile Ready

    Reuse desktop features in native or hybrid mobile apps without creating any new code.

  • Integrate with Existing Technology Investments

    Quickly integrate with Sharepoint, Documentum, Google Drive and other technology investments with a flexible architecture for integration.

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Support Complex, Global Teams

Support Complex, Global Teams

Localization and Multilanguage

Create tailored experiences for each region and office, ensuring each sees language and content relevant to them.

Multitenancy and User Management

Support multiple sites on a single instance of Liferay DXP. Manage access through user authentication and granular permissions, and create custom roles to support different use cases.

Keep Remote Teams Feeling Close

Keep employees around the world in the loop with wikis, forums, knowledge bases, and blogs.