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Liferay Develops Audience Engagement Tool to Match Customer Priorities

New audience targeting app furthers the enterprise portal provider's leadership in providing personalized user experiences

LOS ANGELES – (January 6, 2015) – Liferay, Inc., which makes enterprise, open source portals, today announced the release of its Audience Targeting app for Liferay Portal. Through the app, companies can show the right content at the right time to their visitors to create the most relevant, engaging web experience for the people they want to reach.

Increasingly, the challenge for marketers and other business users today is for ways to connect with their audiences and have online conversations through valuable, interesting content. Using the Audience Targeting app, businesses can make authentic connections with their customers, partners, employees and any other individuals visiting their sites. The app, available on Liferay Marketplace, offers the ability to tailor specific content for audiences based on user behavior on the site, user information such as age and gender, social media attributes, and more. Marketers can also create targeted campaigns, track user actions and generate reports on the effectiveness of the campaigns.

"Getting audience engagement right comes down to solving three questions," said Edwin Chung, VP of Product Development for Liferay. "Who are you trying to engage, what information is important to that person, and what is the best way to display the targeted content on your site? Whether it's your customers, your partners, or your employees, personalized audience engagement is quickly becoming an expected part of their interactions with your company. We recognize this and continue to evolve our solutions for audience engagement and content targeting to give our customers the tools they need to provide better, more customized user experiences across the board."

As a portal vendor, Liferay is in a uniquely advantageous position to serve the entire customer lifecycle, from prospecting to deal closing to ongoing customer service interaction. Using Liferay, companies can engage with customers across devices and gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs from multiple backend systems. Other engagement solutions, such as web content management (WCM) vendors whose focus is more narrowly on gaining prospects, only touch part of the customer lifecycle.

Learn more about how you can use Liferay Portal to engage audiences by visiting

Get more details about the Audience Targeting app in our recent blog post.

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