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Liferay Recognizes Aegif as a Platinum Partner in Japan

New Japanese web strategy initiatives call for increased demand of open source software

TOKYO, Japan – (May 29, 2014) – Liferay, Inc., provider of the world's leading enterprise-class, open source portal, announced today that Aegif has achieved Platinum Partner status. The company is a consulting firm based in Japan with a heavy focus on open-source consulting and strong reputation for pioneering Liferay in the Japanese market.

"Since the beginning of Liferay Japan, Aegif has positively supported our business by leading us to mutual success," said Brian Endo, Liferay Japan's General Manager. "In the past two years, Aegif has steadily increased sales and trained many excellent engineers who qualified for Liferay authorization. They have met all the necessary conditions to become a Liferay Platinum Partner."

From 2009 to 2012, when Liferay Japan was first established, Aegif had been responsible for supporting all Liferay customers in Japan. Now, Aegif is engaged in product development including the localization of the Liferay product in Japanese, and is recognized as a high-value contributor with partnerships in approximately 140 countries.

"We are proud to become the first Liferay platinum partner in Japan," said Terunao Nakura, Aegif's Liferay Technology Lead. "We have seen the upward scale of supply and demand in Japan for global enterprise open source software. Liferay Portal's quality product coupled with a modularity that can be introduced at ease at the enterprise level is a requirement for our open source business."

Aegif has gained recognition from many satisfied customers as a consulting firm with abundant product knowledge and technical capabilities that include comprehensive customer services. In addition, as the only authorized training partner in Japan, Aegif has the unique opportunity to host Japanese trainings throughout the year.

"We would like to continue contributing to the growth of Liferay Portal in Japan by serving as the one-stop shop of adoption consulting, support, and training," said Nakura.

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