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Bringing Simplicity to Agriculture

Liferay is an innovative and user-friendly platform that provides the necessary scalability and flexibility we were looking for to reach our digital goals.
Georgiana Francescotti
Digital & Knowledge Services, Information & Digital Technology

Adama, one of the world’s leading crop protection companies, has a straightforward goal: to grow simply together with its customer base of farmers in more than 100 countries around the globe. Adama’s team of over 6,000 employees provides farmers with solutions — herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and seed treatments – that improve the quality and quantity of their crop yields by protecting them from weeds, insects and diseases.

With a heritage going back 70 years, Adama is one of the largest companies in the $60 billion global crop protection industry and the only integrated Global-China crop protection company, with sales in 2016 of $3.35 billion.


Reimagining an Aging Solution

In order to stay relevant to its customer base, Adama decided to roll out a comprehensive rebrand to its corporate website. This included more than 50 local country sites, as well as micro product sites in about 40 languages. The entire public website would remain online, but the look and feel of every page needed to be updated according to the new guidelines.

To achieve this, Adama’s team introduced an ambitious digital roadmap that would allow them to implement the new sites without interrupting day-to-day operations. The team needed to manage simultaneous training as well for nearly 100 web editors spread across the globe so they could continue to publish new content during the migration period. This made the introduction of the new platform even more challenging.

The company quickly realized that the existing Content Management System (CMS) wasn’t up to the task. It was too time-consuming to migrate content and had a poor user experience for web editors.

Adama decided to replace the legacy CMS with the Liferay platform, which provided the necessary flexibility and customizations along with high scalability and excellent user experience.

A Future-Proof Digital Foundation

Together with its strategic partner PRODYNA, Adama developed the solution on Liferay with an agile approach. It was critical to develop the customized CMS features in Liferay and to migrate the existing content seamlessly without any downtime to the new site.

During the project, the team discovered more than 30 different web components, 20 different page templates, and 10 custom applications and forms that needed to be available in Liferay. The team was able to develop all these requested features with Liferay’s out-of-the-box functionality, such as Web Content Structures, predefined Page Templates and a Contact Us Portlet. Leveraging the existing functionality made it much faster to implement the new CMS, since the team had to create very little from scratch. One of the greatest gains was the instant publishing feature, which would enable Adama to reach its customers in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, third-party solutions such as ADFS for Single-Sign-On or the Asset Management Platform PicturePark were integrated into Adama’s solution, allowing the team to maintain its current processes for identity management and its digital product catalog.

The team orchestrated the existing content migration and web editor training in four region-based waves. PRODYNA trained each wave onsite with a professional and experienced trainer, based on step-by-step documentation that was created during the project development.

After their training, web editors reviewed the migrated content page by page and approved the overall migration for each site. Once the site owners gave the final approval, the migrated pages were published and swapped using an intelligent configuration of the existing load balancer.

In addition to the onsite training, PRODYNA introduced a multilingual service desk to ensure that web editors could reach out to somebody in case they got stuck during any of the new CMS processes.

Finally, to encourage momentum and ensure that web editors feel supported, the team runs bi-monthly training webinars, focusing on new features or questions that editors have asked.

Improved User Experience for Employees and Customers

The Liferay platform provides Adama with more flexibility and empowers its web editors to create custom pages based on their local needs while following the global brand guidelines. Today, Adama is able to deliver personalized online experiences to its customers faster without concern that one region will present a different brand look than others. Customers are able to easily review Adama’s products on a modern, user-friendly site that integrates features like live chat to offer help as soon as they need it.

Adama has more features planned for its corporate site, which can be easily implemented based on the out-of-the-box functionality of Liferay and enhanced with custom portlets, ensuring that Adama has exactly the CMS it needs for its business.

“Liferay is an innovative and user-friendly platform that provides the necessary scalability and flexibility we were looking for to reach our digital goals,” says Georgiana Francescotti, part of the Information & Digital Technology team at Adama. With the new platform, Adama is ready to continue simply growing with its customers, serving their present and future needs.

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