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Liferay has significantly increased the efficiency of our content management and administration. It unifies our content and has proved to be a solid platform on top of which we can offer new online services and websites for other group members in the future.
Ivan Črep
Project Manager, RBA

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb (RBA) was founded in 1994 by Austrian Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB). Today, RBA's branch network gives it a presence in 37 cities throughout Croatia. The bank's mission is to build long-term relationships by providing contemporary financial services that effectively meet client needs to the highest professional standard.



RBA communicates with a large number of retail and corporate clients on a daily basis. This results in a high volume of data processing from web content, documents and a variety of other channels available to clients. As new data is created across the bank's diverse business units, it enters a workflow from submission to approval to publishing. RBA's challenge was not only to streamline this process, but also to ensure that all content was of consistent quality and adhered to corporate guidelines. RBA needed to implement complex corporate standards according to visual templates provided by the group, and at the same time support the latest web technologies so the content would be accessible through different browsers and mobile devices.

The biggest technological challenge was to integrate a variety of applications that had originally been developed in isolation into one coherent system. RBA decided they needed a portal infrastructure to provide the adequate mechanisms for these functionalities to work together as one unified system.


RBA evaluated several portal solutions, but none of them were able to meet business demands while keeping implementation and administration simple. Liferay offered both, as well as a strong community as three other Raiffeisen entities in the Central and Eastern European region were successfully using Liferay. Key features that led to its selection included its robust CMS system, affordable subscription model and source code availability.

Liferay's use of portlets simplified the complex task of meeting both business and graphical requirements by unifying all the data workflow steps: content creation, modification, approval, publishing and presentation. As well as meeting existing requirements, Liferay opened up new possibilities for ongoing innovation. It proved to be a solid platform for building new custom components as needed, ultimately presenting specific information in an optimal, customized manner for the end user.

The implementation was carried out by Liferay service partner CROZ, with whom RBA had previously cooperated on multiple projects. CROZ's expert analyzed RBA's existing proprietary technology, outlined their business and technological needs, and highlighted new functionalities and features that could be utilized by implementing Liferay.

Business Value Added

Adopting an open source technology brought immediate business benefits, including cost savings and the ability to take an agile development approach. RBA now use Liferay to power one holistic, multisite platform that lays the groundwork for developing new group member portals. Each new portal is consistent and aligned according to group-wide branding standards.

Not only does the new platform enable the bank to innovate for its customers, but RBA has also introduced new features to benefit its internal teams as well. Processes which were historically manual and therefore error prone have now been automated, such as document archiving. This feature enables content administrators to upload documents with predefined publish and expiration dates. Documents are only available during the defined period, after which time they are renamed and archived. Automating this process saves RBA significant amounts of time and resources.

Historic bottlenecks in the IT department have also been eliminated. RBA used Liferay's content publishing features to build a new publishing process that equips the business user to publish content and does not require a separate department's involvement. The simplification of this process brought much needed agility and flexibility to content management. Optimizing technology, efficiency and business processes have been key results of RBA's successful Liferay implementation.

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