Aviation Academy Supports International Students with Responsive, Refreshed Website

The Singapore Aviation Academy used Liferay DXP to reimagine their public website, increasing site traffic and enhancing security.
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Key Takeaways

  • Integrate easily with third-party applications.
    SAA’s requirements included integrations with Google Analytics and Azure Analytics, so SAA can iterate on and improve the site experience as they track user behavior.
  • Increase site traffic by implementing responsive design.
    Now that customers can access the site from desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, the number of visitors has gone up.
  • Bolster your defenses with a secure platform.
    With Liferay DXP combining the flexibility of open-source technology with enterprise-level security, SAA’s website is more protected.


As the internationally recognized training branch of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) offers a comprehensive breadth of training in various disciplines through four specialized schools. Programs include leadership and management training as well as specialized and operational courses that benchmark international standards and best practices.
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With their website hosted on a legacy open-source platform that had gaps in security, SAA was encountering the following problems:
  1. No way to update content without the IT team. 
    Information about courses, deadlines, and events needed to be updated frequently, but content changes could only happen through IT.
  2. No support for online payment. 
    Officials had to manually print and send bills to students once they enrolled in courses, wasting time and resources.
  3. No responsive design.
    Without a responsive version of the website on mobile, it was difficult for SAA to attract their target demographic of students.
The security of the system is very important, and [the] number of hacks … [has] decreased.


In order to address these problems and create a modern solution, SAA chose Liferay DXP. In just six months, SAA was able to switch platforms, including performing a database migration. Although the database migration was their biggest challenge because of the sheer volume of content that needed to be transferred, finding a home for media files in Liferay’s Documents and Media ensured all their file types would be supported.

The new platform integrates with a third-party website for easy data access as well as Google Analytics and Azure Analytics so SAA can better understand user interaction. This will enable the team to optimize the website based on data trends and reports, ultimately improving the user experience.


The newly-responsive website allows users from all over the world to access content and information on any device, where users can log in and pay their bills for course enrollment digitally.

SAA has also seen these benefits from moving onto Liferay DXP:
  1. Easy non-technical content creation. 
    Using Liferay’s structures and templates gives  business users a simple, predictable way of updating site content.
  2.  Increased site traffic. 
    Customers are very happy with the improved site performance and ease of access, resulting in site traffic growth.
  3. Improved platform security. 
    With Liferay DXP as their stable and secure solution, the SAA website is better protected against vulnerabilities and hacks.