Onsite Training

Customize training to meet your specific needs.

What is it?

Liferay Onsite Training delivers Liferay's high-quality training services directly to your location, reducing costs for larger class sizes and allowing personalized attention to your organization's needs.

Liferay Onsite Training provides you with an opportunity to combine elements from each Liferay training curriculum to suit your business and portal deployment needs. A representative will help you choose the topics that best meet your specific requirements.

Please see the Course Topics for a list of available topics.

Public Training vs. Onsite Training

Recommended Training Based on Group Size
Group Size
1-4 participants
    Public Training
  • Most cost effective option for lower numbers of participants.
5 or more participants
    Onsite Training
  • Individualized attention to your organization's specific questions / requirements
  • Training at your location and timeframe
  • Most cost effective option for higher numbers of participants

Please contact us or call 1-877-LIFERAY if you have any questions.