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The new Fundamenta portal enables our customers and sales staff to find relevant and personalized information related to our solutions.
Kalman Szabo
Head of IT, Fundamenta

Fundamenta-Lakáskassza is among the leading providers in regards to residential construction financing. As a construction industry expert focusing on service quality, Fundamenta offers special savings and loan products to more than 650,000 customers. The company is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, and employs more than 2,000 back-office and sales staff. In 2009 and 2010, Fundamenta was awarded the "Employer of the Year" in the financial sector.

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In late 2008, through a series of proposed "e-Front End" projects, Fundamenta determined that its home page was no longer state-of-the-art. The isolated front-end systems had no common design or consistency in communication. Common functions like sign-on or user security had been developed independently with increased overall development costs.

Fundamenta's sales organization wanted a fresh, dynamic and brand new design, along with visual effects and interactive, rich-client "Web 2.0-like" functions. Fundamenta's IT was looking for an appropriate platform and technology for mission-critical "e-process" developments for the future.


Fundamenta eventually decided that a portal solution was necessary to fulfill the business and technological expectations. At the beginning of 2009, an evaluation process was initiated to find the most appropriate product. Eleven products were compared on the basis of "The Enterprise Portals Report 2009" evaluation document. The four deciding factors were: functionality, technology, vendor, and costs. The three best products were installed and a demo application was developed in each environment. Liferay Portal proved to be the most effective, and Fundamenta decided to start the project on Liferay.

Fundamenta created a completely redesigned customer portal. The new portal enabled Fundamenta's customers to evaluate their needs, select the appropriate products, calculate the product benefits, and fill and submit the contract form online. This new sales channel brought an exponential increase in Fundamenta's revenue.

The new sales network extranet delivers up-to-date information about products, events, and competitions. A new communication platform (e-mail, forum, success stories, etc.) also supports the optimal information exchange between Fundamenta's sales people.

After introducing the new portal solution in 2010, online sales revenue increased by 37 percent compared to 2009. Database and application server maintenance costs were also reduced by $15,000 per year since Liferay Portal is installed on open source platforms (e.g., Linux, JBoss, MySQL). Liferay Portal was the common development platform for such innovative and necessary solutions and will also be regarded in the future as a front-end integration platform of new solutions.

Fundamenta implements Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) and receives regular service packs, security, and bug fixes. As one of the most important security factors, this enables Fundamenta to build further business-critical applications into Fundamenta's Liferay portal.

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