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Five Steps to Design a Website That Drives Conversions

Having a strategy for optimizing conversions on your website is a powerful advantage. Learn five steps for developing a proactive, user-centric website design strategy that drives conversions to impact the bottom line.


This eBook will answer the challenges of:

How to target conversion pain points on enterprise websites.
How did they find the website? What were the first few pages they clicked on? How long did it take before they spoke with a Sales Representative? Find out exactly where to look along the entire conversion path.
How to strategically prioritize website improvement projects
Implementing small, quick fixes without looking at overall impact often adds to the site’s complexity and slows down future development. So which projects get highest priority? Simple answer? The ones that face the customer.
Why you should keep testing (and when you should stop)
Rather than wait for low-performing areas to surface on your website, you should be proactive about seeking the obstacles that are impacting conversions. Learn what to test, how to test it, and not stop testing!
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