Front-End Bootcamp

長さ 3 Days
Formats Private Onsite
Liferayのバージョン 7.1

Collaborate Intuitively

Learn toolsets that boost collaboration between your content and development teams so you can develop well-designed, compelling content.

Build Themes Fast

Use Liferay’s Theme Generator to generate themes and implement your brand identity everywhere from HTML and CSS to Liferay’s own component library.

Make Consistency a Priority

Find out how to create reusable templates that match your company branding for a consistent visual identity across all your sites.

What You'll Learn

  • Liferay and the User Experience

    • Working with Liferay DXP

      • Creating Digital Experiences for Your Users
      • Getting Concrete: Applying What You Learn to a Real-World Use Case
      • What’s New in Liferay 7.1
    • How Liferay Displays Content

      • Create Websites to Engage Your Customers
    • Control the Design of Your Content

      • Understanding Liferay’s Asset Framework
      • Understanding How Marketers Create and Manage Content
  • Developing Your Brand

    • Rapid Front-End Development in Liferay

      • Apply Global Branding
      • Control the Presentation of Specific Content
      • Develop Sections of a Page Fast Using Fragments (New!)
      • Generate Your Theme Quickly with Yeoman
      • Quick Deployment with Gulp
    • Getting Up to Speed on the Latest Liferay UI Frameworks

      • Liferay’s Experience Language
      • Use Liferay’s Rich Component Library to Implement Your User Experience
      • Adding JavaScript to the Platform
      • Add Dynamic Markup for Your Content and Applications
    • Developing Themes to Realize Your Brand

      • Leverage Liferay’s Theme Generator
      • Customize the HTML
      • Add Custom Styling with CSS
      • Add Custom JavaScript
      • Override Liferay’s Component Library
      • Add Configurable Options for Administrators
      • Create Code Fragments that Can Be Reused Across Your Themes
      • Embed Resources and Apps into Your Theme
  • Customizing Content Display

    • Controlling the Page Layout

      • Customize the Page Layout with Layout Templates
    • Delivering Consistent Content Experiences

      • Easily Customize the Presentation of Liferay Applications
      • Help Your Users Get Content Out the Door Quickly with Consistent, Reusable Templates
      • Empower Your Marketing Team with Inline Editing and Pre-Built Page Fragments
    • Understanding How to Build JavaScript Applications

      • Cutting Down Load Times with Single Page Applications
      • Building React and Angular Applications
      • Front-End Development Best Practices
FRONT-END Bootcamp

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