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Getting Started With Liferay Commerce

Accelerators in Liferay Commerce

Liferay Commerce includes accelerators that help you reduce the time to market for your site. Our accelerators are designed to deliver a superior user experience and created with real insight from digital commerce experts.

Your Liferay Commerce demo uses the Minium accelerator, created for a B2B buyer portal that employees and clients use to manage purchases.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Demo

To get started, we recommend logging in as the different users below and exploring the features and content available to each one. Liferay makes it easy to give each user a customized experience based on who they are and what they’re using the site for, so the site will look a little different depending on which user you sign in as.

Once you get a feel for each user, check out the detailed user guides below and start testing what Liferay Commerce can do!

Users and Roles

Minium is a global manufacturer and distributor of auto parts that sells its products through distributors to automotive service centers.

Chris Robbins

Commerce Operations Manager

Chris is a member of Minium’s Operations team. His role is to keep the B2B commerce site updated with the latest product offerings and find solutions to business requirements as Minium grows and requests more capabilities from the platform.

Tasks to try:

Adding a new product to the product catalog
Configuring visibility rules in the catalog
Setting up tax calculations and rules

Gloria Davis

Account Manager

Gloria is a member of the Minium sales team who manages accounts like S Auto Service. She is the first person that Brenda Collins contacts when S Auto Service has a question or concern.

Tasks to try:

Switching between multiple accounts and placing orders on behalf of a customer (you may need to refresh the page after switching accounts)
Adding an organization to an account
Adding or removing a product from one of Mike or Brenda's pending orders

S Auto Service is a chain of automotive service centers operating worldwide through a network of 2,000+ franchised shops. S Auto Service works with Minium as one of its suppliers to stock popular auto parts, as well as on-demand items for specific automobile models.

Brenda Collins

Purchasing Manager

Brenda is an employee at S Auto Service's head office. Her main responsibility is ensuring that each service center has the inventory of parts that they need.

Tasks to try:

Switching between S Auto Service accounts and placing orders on their behalf (you may need to refresh the page after switching accounts)
Reording a past order
Inviting new users from S Auto Service to use the buyer portal

Mike Smith

Parts Consultant

Mike is an employee at one of S Auto Service's centers. He is responsible for consulting with clients on services for their vehicles and purchasing replacement parts.

Tasks to try:

Browsing the catalog and placing an order
Comparing different products
Searching for content like installation guides for each product

User Guides

  • Getting Started

    An overview of the Liferay Commerce platform.

  • Catalog Management

    Learn how to add products, enrich product information and configure catalog rules.

  • User Segmentation

    Create user segments so that you can target products and pricing to unique customer groups.

  • Pricing

    Set up pricing lists and discounts for your catalog.

  • Taxes

    Configure tax categories and tax calculations for different geographies

  • Setting up a Storefront

    Everything you need to know about how to create a storefront from scratch.

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