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Top-3 Global Semiconductor Company Decreases Support Tickets by 38%

This technology manufacturer used Liferay to create an easily searchable, modern intranet that enables employees to self-service for critical resources.
Fewer Support Tickets
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Key Takeaways

  • Save development resources and hours with easy content management.
    This company was able to put development resources on urgent tasks by giving individual departments the ability to manage their own content rather than having to go through the development team.
  • Help employees achieve success with the right tools and information.
    Now that employees can access their applications, find fellow employees for collaboration, and get necessary info easily, they’re equipped to work better and more efficiently.
  • Make sure users see only what they’re supposed to see.
    Using personalization and permissions on their intranet made all the difference in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive resources.


This company is the manufacturing arm of a major electronics brand, powering the world by creating highly specialized technology like semiconductors.
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With no meaningful site updates in eight years, this company’s intranet was overdue for a refresh. “Everything you don’t want an intranet to be, it seemed like it was,” says the Senior Manager of Application Development.

But a modern, design-forward intranet can be a particularly hard sell to top-level executives.

The Senior Manager of Application Development had to show the unsustainability of the following issues with the current intranet:
  1. Employees couldn’t find job-critical resources.
    People got frustrated attempting to navigate the disorganized sites without search, and for the previous three People Surveys, the intranet came up frequently as a pain-point.
  2. Flat pages and files that were hard to maintain.
    No one had set up design guidelines for creating pages, so there was no common look and feel across pages that were, more often than not, just link clusters.
  3. The development team was wasting time. 
    Content updates had to go through the development team, creating unnecessary delays and inefficiencies with the wrong people working on content management.
We got the most out-of-the-box out of almost any solution [that we] looked at and evaluated.
Senior Manager Of
Application Development
Development Team


Once the Senior Manager of Application Development was able to convince the executives of the problems besetting the current intranet and the potential benefits of making changes, this company began a long vetting process for a new solution that would deliver on value.

That solution was Liferay DXP. An important part of the decision to choose Liferay was the fact that Liferay can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud, and sensitive data on the intranet meant that this company needed an on-premise solution. 

For the initial rollout of the intranet, this company unveiled their homepage and several department pages, using Liferay Global Services to help with some minor customizations. The team created a trailer to generate excitement and encourage adoption and included helpful before and after pages to illustrate what had changed and where things were.


The new intranet serves 10,000 total users—3,000 employees and 7,000 contractors, leveraging basic personalization so users only see what’s relevant to them. For example, employees now have access to specific sections like Awards and Benefits while contractors can't view those sections.

Post-implementation, this company has already seen these results:
  1. A 38% overall reduction in tickets, with the number of content update tickets cut in half in the first thirty days. 
    Now that individual departments can manage their own content updates independently, the development team can focus on other projects.
  2.  Collaboration between departments is easier and faster than ever with the overhauled people search feature.  
    In the past, it was difficult to learn simple information like what building someone worked in or their shift, but now finding relevant details takes seconds.
  3. The site transformation has improved the user experience with increased functionality as well as a consistent, intuitive look and feel.
    300 integrated applications are no longer haphazardly crammed to one side, but organized under a “My Toolbox” feature, which allows users to customize the applications they see to reduce clutter.
With nothing but positive feedback on the intranet, this company plans to implement additional features, like a chat function for employees who need specialized development assistance and Liferay’s tags and categories to continue improving search and personalization. Boosting employee productivity and collaboration will mean this company can keep manufacturing exceptional technology that runs the world's devices.