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User Traffic Jumped 43% for This Insurance Company After Upgrade

California Casualty upgraded their website and self-service portal to Liferay DXP, improving the overall user experience.
InCrease in traffic
Month upgrade process
Mobile Bounce Rate Decrease
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Key Takeaways

  • Unifying teams isn’t just about collaboration, but also about productivity.
    As California Casualty has been able to bring teams together to discuss different projects, they’ve found ways to decrease overall workload.
  • Consolidating similar solutions saves resources and reduces effort duplication.
    Part of California Casualty’s digital transformation involved identifying and minimizing areas of technological redundancy.
  • Choosing a solution that can tackle your current and future business needs is crucial.
    California Casualty has used Liferay for ten years as a tool to help their customers, leveraging what they need now and strategizing how they can keep evolving.


One of the oldest insurance companies in the United States, family-owned California Casualty specializes in protecting American heroes like educators, higher education employees, firefighters, peace officers, and nurses with auto and home insurance.
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A long-time Liferay customer, California Casualty’s IT team has been iterating their solution in a continual process of growth and innovation as they seek to better serve their customer base.

As California Casualty prepared to upgrade their corporate website and self-service portal to Liferay DXP, they reviewed their long-term strategies for solving the following challenges:
  1. Multiple teams within the organization were siloed.
    Individual teams had no insight into what other teams were working on, creating barriers to communication and productivity.
  2. Teams were leveraging overlapping solutions. 
    Because of the lack of team alignment, teams had created and were using solutions that functioned similarly. This meant unnecessary duplication of effort and wasted resources.
  3. Content was not updated as quickly as desired.
    Regular content updates pushed to the public website were important for keeping customers informed of timely, critical information.
If we looked for other Java-based technology, we might not find [what we love] about Liferay.
Prem Kaliaperumal
Assistant Vice President, IT Applications


California Casualty chose to upgrade to Liferay DXP to continue their mission of creating better experiences for their customers. In preparation for the upgrade, the IT Team spent time planning and outlining their goals.

In just six months, California Casualty executed their upgrade. While upgrading, the team used Liferay Support as well as online documentation and Liferay University in order to ensure success. The upgraded website uses new content management features for easy publication and role management for making sure the right people can access the right content.


Post-upgrade, California Casualty is now better equipped to serve their customers. Because Liferay integrates well with other technologies and applications, California Casualty has been able to consolidate and implement the right solutions for the entire company.

On the website, visitors can:
  • Get a quote
  • Chat with a customer service representative
  • Find detailed information on available plans
For policyholders themselves, they can log in using self-service without needing to contact an insurance representative to manage their policy, pay bills, see specific plan information, and more.

California Casualty has seen the following benefits post-upgrade:
  1. User traffic on the website has increased by 43%. 
    The UX of the site and overall site performance has improved, also resulting in a 14% decrease in mobile bounce rate and a 3% decrease in overall bounce rate, making directing potential customers through the buyer’s journey easier.
  2.  Content publication is faster and more straightforward.
    With Liferay DXP’s enhanced content features, content can get published daily so customers always have access to up-to-date information.
  3. Customer retention has improved.
    The ability for customers to manage their own policies and get answers from the self-service portal in addition to an improved mobile experience has helped maintain customer satisfaction.
California Casualty’s growth journey doesn’t stop with the upgrade. Next up is taking advantage of Liferay’s headless APIs and empowering their marketers with the latest marketing features. As California Casualty keeps striving for excellence in supporting their customers, they enable those customers to have peace of mind about their insurance needs.