Public Training

Public training delivers the best experience for small teams. We’ll walk you through practical exercises to rapidly expand your knowledge of Liferay.

Our core classes cover the most important topics you need to get your project up and running.

Benefits of Public Training
  • The most cost-effective solution for small class sizes
  • Build relationships, network and share experiences with other learners
  • Dedicated, distraction-free environment to facilitate learning
  • Onboard new team members throughout the year to maximize productivity

The best way to get in touch with Liferay technology.

Piergiorgio Sporys

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Become a Liferay Certified Professional

Liferay provides a way for technology professionals to distinguish themselves from their peers and for employers to verify knowledge of Liferay best practices

Verify a Training

Verify an individual's completion of an official Liferay Training.

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