Platform Developer 7.0

長さ 3 Days
Formats Instructor-Led, Private, Online
Liferayのバージョン 7.0

Customize Anything on the Platform

Take advantage of Liferay’s new platform architecture and learn how to customize any layer from the view to the persistence with confidence.

To Build or Not to Build

Building isn’t always better. Problem-solve when you should extend, customize, or build from scratch to speed up development and meet your targets.

Gain Risk-Free Experience

Make the right choices for your project based on hands-on customization and get exclusive access to knowledge from Liferay’s Engineering team.

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What You'll Learn 7.0

  • Platform Architecture and Customization

    • Liferay's Platform Architecture and Toolsets

      • Development Environment
      • Platform Architecture
    • Developing on the Liferay Platform

      • Introducing OSGi
      • Customizing with Modules
      • Module Lifecycle
      • Implementing Features with Components
      • Deploying Customizations with the Shell
    • Customization via Configuration

      • Configuration Framework
      • Customizing Default Settings
    • Customizing the View

      • Developing Custom Application UIs Through the GUI
      • Overriding Application JSPs
      • Overriding Kernel JSPs
      • Using JavaScript Extension Points to Change Core Behavior
      • Customizing Product Navigation Menus
  • Customization and Layers

    • Localization

      • Overriding Resource Bundles
      • Adding Locales
    • Customizing the Controller

      • Using MVC Commands to Override the Controller
      • Overriding the Controller in the Kernel
    • Customizing the Service Layer

      • Overriding Services
      • Extending Services with Service Wrappers
    • Publishing Services

      • Simplifying Communication with REST Services
      • Publishing Web Services
    • Customizing the Persistence Layer

      • Intercepting Events with Model Listeners
      • Extending the Liferay Schema
    • Messaging

      • Message Bus: Liferay's Lightweight Framework
      • Sending Messages Across the Network
  • Additional Platform Customization

    • Authentication

      • Customizing the Authentication Pipeline
      • Using LDAP Sync to Map Users
      • Automatically Logging in Users
      • Securing Remote Access with AuthVerifiers
    • Search

      • Customizing the Search Index
      • Tailoring Search Queries
      • Filtering Search Results Using Facets
    • Lifecycle Events

      • Injecting Custom Logic in the Request
      • Implementing Servlet/Portlet Filters
      • Customizing Server Startup
      • Participating in Shutdown Events

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