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Uniting Business Units with a Liferay Portal

We would never have been able to launch on time on our budget if Liferay hadn't had so much out of the box.
Scott Campbell
Business Operations, HaitiOne

Mission of Hope, Haiti is a Christian nonprofit organization which aims to change Haiti through evangelism and service. HaitiOne is Mission of Hope's program for uniting and networking the various NGOs operating in Haiti.

Using Liferay Portal, HaitiOne built a new digital network to unite NGOs' efforts in bringing positive change to Haiti. Through the site, the NGOs could showcase their services and their progress in accomplishing their goals as well as share their best practices. Mission of Hope partnered with XTIVIA to build the portal site with content management capabilities that were easy to use for non-technical users. The NGOs in the HaitiOne network can log on and collaborate through social features like Liferay's built-in forums and blogs, and numerous opportunities and partnerships have emerged.

After building the HaitiOne network on Liferay, the project has led to greater unity between Haiti relief organizations.

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