Social Office CE

Liferay Social Office is a dynamic team workspace solution that provides holistic enhancement to the way you and your colleagues work together. By adapting today's most innovative social technologies to the unique needs of productivity and goal-driven enterprise teams, it enables an important shift in how and why communication happens. Key features include, but are not limited to

Documents: shared document repository with Microsoft Office integration.
Communication: instant notifications, team calendars, webmail, task management and contact management.
Collaboration: integrated threaded discussions, blogs, and wikis with related assets and federated search.
People: searchable user profiles with user tagging, friending, integrated chat and simplified Social Office user management.
Latest Changes
LPS-7913 LPS-10988 LPS-12048 LPS-25621 LPS-25730 LPS-26115 LPS-27477 LPS-27478 LPS-27530 LPS-27894 LPS-27903 LPS-30063 LPS-30588 LPS-30614 LPS-30661 LPS-30729 LPS-30747 LPS-30773 LPS-30787 LPS-30798 LPS-30799 LPS-30824 LPS-30835 LPS-30853 LPS-30860 LPS-30873 LPS-30885 LPS-30921 LPS-30925 LPS-30927 LPS-30929 LPS-30930 LPS-30932 LPS-30936 LPS-30949 LPS-30951 LPS-31033 LPS-31107 LPS-31133 LPS-31139 LPS-31147 LPS-31152 LPS-31259 LPS-31312 LPS-31328 LPS-31353 LPS-31362 LPS-31368 LPS-31519 LPS-31540 LPS-31547 LPS-31550 LPS-31551 LPS-31557 LPS-31570 LPS-31592 LPS-31603 LPS-31619 LPS-31664 LPS-31668 LPS-31690 LPS-31702 LPS-31703 LPS-31704 LPS-31706 LPS-31707 LPS-31711 LPS-31726 LPS-31738 LPS-31739 LPS-31760 LPS-31792 LPS-31800 LPS-31808 LPS-31852 LPS-31864 LPS-31912 LPS-31915 LPS-31918 LPS-31921 LPS-31927 LPS-31933 LPS-31934 LPS-31946 LPS-31983 LPS-31991 LPS-31997 LPS-32066 LPS-32088 LPS-32141 LPS-32149 LPS-32151 LPS-32185 LPS-32187 LPS-32188 LPS-32218 LPS-32424 LPS-32460 LPS-32462 LPS-32493 LPS-32634 LPS-32638 LPS-32713 LPS-32714 LPS-32727 LPS-32791 LPS-32815 LPS-32837 LPS-32861 LPS-32915 LPS-32969 LPS-33093 LPS-33159 LPS-33215 LPS-33243 LPS-33278 LPS-33320 LPS-33362 LPS-33418 LPS-33436 LPS-33492 LPS-33531 LPS-33594 LPS-33626 LPS-33745 LPS-33837 LPS-33847 LPS-33895 LPS-33901 LPS-33936 LPS-33945 LPS-33975 LPS-34049 LPS-34068 LPS-34098 LPS-34174 LPS-34211 LPS-34219 LPS-34280 LPS-34315 LPS-34355 LPS-34360 LPS-34391 LPS-34483 LPS-34542 LPS-34582 LPS-34583 LPS-34615 LPS-34740 LPS-34833 LPS-34864 LPS-34887 LPS-34912 LPS-34937 LPS-35004 LPS-35013 LPS-35048 LPS-35057 LPS-35118 LPS-35131 LPS-35156 LPS-35201 LPS-35230 LPS-35256 LPS-35257 LPS-35260 LPS-35261 LPS-35264 LPS-35269 LPS-35271 LPS-35272 LPS-35326 LPS-35335 LPS-35356 LPS-35401 LPS-35487 LPS-35489 LPS-35490 LPS-35542 LPS-35598 LPS-35716 LPS-35779 LPS-35966 LPS-35993 LPS-36000 LPS-36024 LPS-36065 LPS-36184 LPS-36201 LPS-36218 LPS-36227 LPS-36241 LPS-36310 LPS-36341 LPS-36407 LPS-36603 LPS-36674 LPS-36703 LPS-37277 LPS-37545 LPS-37550 LPS-37571 LPS-37596 LPS-37597 LPS-37599 LPS-37600 LPS-37601 LPS-37602 LPS-37615 LPS-37630 LPS-37641 LPS-37648 LPS-37649 LPS-37650 LPS-37651 LPS-37652 LPS-37655 LPS-37656 LPS-37659 LPS-37660 LPS-37662 LPS-37663 LPS-37685 LPS-37687 LPS-37691 LPS-37697 LPS-37844 LPS-37972 LPS-37977 LPS-38072 LPS-38100 LPS-38115 LPS-38133 LPS-38134 LPS-38244 LPS-38350 LPS-38534 LPS-38632 LPS-38673 LPS-38700 LPS-38824 LPS-38951 LPS-38969 LPS-39037 LPS-39039 LPS-39059 LPS-39067 LPS-39133 LPS-39182 LPS-39247 LPS-39277 LPS-39341 LPS-39495 LPS-39504 LPS-39510 LPS-39632 LPS-39678 LPS-39703 LPS-39780 LPS-39802 LPS-39962 LPS-40043 LPS-40046 LPS-40048 LPS-40055 LPS-40056 LPS-40072 LPS-40122 LPS-40159 LPS-40161 LPS-40162 LPS-40165 LPS-40166 LPS-40167 LPS-40168 LPS-40171 LPS-40176 LPS-40177 LPS-40194 LPS-40218 LPS-40293 LPS-40334 LPS-40345 LPS-40384 LPS-40523 LPS-40544 LPS-40752 LPS-40761 LPS-40805 LPS-40814 LPS-40818 LPS-40823 LPS-40873 LPS-40899 LPS-40942 LPS-40964 LPS-40971 LPS-41080 LPS-41106 LPS-41279 LPS-41299 LPS-41339 LPS-41347 LPS-41361 LPS-41387 LPS-41405 LPS-41407 LPS-41414 LPS-41448 LPS-41486 LPS-41567 LPS-41601 LPS-41604 LPS-41673 LPS-41807 LPS-41875 LPS-42153 LPS-42195 LPS-42235 LPS-42283 LPS-42311 LPS-42370 LPS-42421 LPS-42468 LPS-42480 LPS-42496 LPS-42499 LPS-42507 LPS-42530 LPS-42534 LPS-42584 LPS-42733 LPS-42790 LPS-42866 LPS-42867 LPS-42924 LPS-43258 LPS-43353 LPS-43425 LPS-43434 LPS-43459 LPS-43599 LPS-43701 SOS-587 SOS-1120 SOS-1130 SOS-1135 SOS-1138 SOS-1159 SOS-1166 SOS-1201 SOS-1204 SOS-1207 SOS-1226 SOS-1228 SOS-1248 SOS-1257 SOS-1261 SOS-1262 SOS-1276 SOS-1278 SOS-1280 SOS-1282 SOS-1287 SOS-1288 SOS-1289 SOS-1293 SOS-1296 SOS-1301 SOS-1302 SOS-1303 SOS-1305 SOS-1309 SOS-1311 SOS-1314 SOS-1315 SOS-1316 SOS-1317 SOS-1323 SOS-1328 SOS-1334 SOS-1339 SOS-1342 SOS-1344 SOS-1345 SOS-1348 SOS-1349 SOS-1351 SOS-1352 SOS-1353 SOS-1355 SOS-1357 SOS-1362 SOS-1363 SOS-1369 SOS-1376 SOS-1377 SOS-1381 SOS-1393 SOS-1394 SOS-1395 SOS-1401 SOS-1403 SOS-1408 SOS-1411 SOS-1412 SOS-1418 SOS-1421 SOS-1422 SOS-1423 SOS-1426 SOS-1428 SOS-1429 SOS-1430 SOS-1431 SOS-1437 SOS-1438 SOS-1439 SOS-1444 SOS-1445 SOS-1447 SOS-1448 SOS-1454 SOS-1457 SOS-1459 SOS-1460 SOS-1462 SOS-1463 SOS-1467 SOS-1472 SOS-1478 SOS-1497 SOS-1518 SOS-1523 SOS-1528 SOS-1534 SOS-1561 SOS-1565 SOS-1567 SOS-1568 SOS-1571 SOS-1572 SOS-1573 SOS-1574 SOS-1577 SOS-1578 SOS-1579 SOS-1582 SOS-1586 SOS-1592 SOS-1594 SOS-1595 SOS-1597 SOS-1599 SOS-1600 SOS-1601 SOS-1603 SOS-1604 SOS-1605 SOS-1606 SOS-1608 SOS-1610 SOS-1616 SOS-1618 SOS-1620 SOS-1630 SOS-1634 SOS-1638 SOS-1642 SOS-1643 SOS-1645 SOS-1647 SOS-1650 SOS-1651 SOS-1653 SOS-1655 SOS-1657 SOS-1659 SOS-1660 SOS-1661 SOS-1662 SOS-1663 SOS-1664 SOS-1665 SOS-1666 SOS-1670 SOS-1671 SOS-1672 SOS-1673 SOS-1674 SOS-1675 SOS-1676 SOS-1677 SOS-1700 SOS-1705 SOS-1707 SOS-1715 SOS-1716 SOS-1719 SOS-1721 SOS-1724 SOS-1728 SOS-1729 SOS-1730 SOS-1731 SOS-1732 SOS-1736 SOS-1740 SOS-1741 SOS-1742 SOS-1743 SOS-1745 SOS-1753 SOS-1755 SOS-1756 SOS-1757 SOS-1758 SOS-1759 SOS-1761 SOS-1762 SOS-1763 SOS-1765 SOS-1767 SOS-1768 SOS-1769 SOS-1771 SOS-1772 SOS-1775 SOS-1784 SOS-1787 SOS-1789 SOS-1790 SOS-1797 SOS-1802 SOS-1803 SOS-1804 SOS-1806 SOS-1807 SOS-1808 SOS-1812 SOS-1813 SOS-1816 SOS-1817 SOS-1819 SOS-1820 SOS-1823 SOS-1827 SOS-1828 SOS-1829 SOS-1830 SOS-1831 SOS-1832 SOS-1834 SOS-1835 SOS-1836 SOS-1837 SOS-1841 SOS-1843 SOS-1844 SOS-1845 SOS-1846 SOS-1847 SOS-1848 SOS-1849 SOS-1854 SOS-1857 SOS-1858 SOS-1860 SOS-1862 SOS-1865 SOS-1866 SOS-1867 SOS-1868 SOS-1869 SOS-1870 SOS-1874 SOS-1875 SOS-1878 SOS-1879 SOS-1880 SOS-1881 SOS-1884 SOS-1885 SOS-1886 SOS-1887 SOS-1888 SOS-1889 SOS-1891 SOS-1892 SOS-1894 SOS-1895 SOS-1896 SOS-1900 SOS-1905 SOS-1906 SOS-1908 SOS-1909 SOS-1910 SOS-1912 SOS-1913 SOS-1914 SOS-1916 SOS-1918 SOS-1919 SOS-1922 SOS-1924 SOS-1926 SOS-1927 SOS-1928 SOS-1930 SOS-1935 SOS-1936 SOS-1938 SOS-1939 SOS-1941 SOS-1943 SOS-1944 SOS-1945 SOS-1946 SOS-1952 SOS-1953 SOS-1955 SOS-1956 SOS-1959 SOS-1960 SOS-1963 SOS-1964 SOS-1965 SOS-1967 SOS-1970 SOS-1972 SOS-1973 SOS-1974 SOS-1977 SOS-1979 SOS-1982 SOS-1983 SOS-1984 SOS-1985 SOS-1986 SOS-1988 SOS-1989 SOS-1990 SOS-1993 SOS-1995 SOS-1996 SOS-1997 SOS-1998 SOS-2000 SOS-2001 SOS-2003 SOS-2004 SOS-2005 SOS-2007 SOS-2014 SOS-2017 SOS-2018 SOS-2020 SOS-2021 SOS-2022 SOS-2023 SOS-2025 SOS-2026 SOS-2029 SOS-2031 SOS-2033 SOS-2036 SOS-2040 SOS-2041 LPS-35716 LPS-42648 LPS-43515 LPS-43589 LPS-43716 LPS-43733 LPS-43916 LPS-43927 SOS-2051 SOS-2052 SOS-2057 SOS-2063 SOS-2064 SOS-2066 SOS-2067 SOS-2068 SOS-2077 SOS-2078 SOS-2083 SOS-2084

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