Valamis EE - eLearning for Liferay

Valamis Enterprise Edition is a social learning environment for sharing and receiving knowledge. We want to help people to share knowledge and learn using Liferay platform. You can use it as your organizations social learning environment. You can also use it to encourage individuals collaboratively to share tacit knowledge which cannot be found from books, but which is a combination of experience and wisdom. Our goal is to get people to talk to each other, learn from each other regardless of time and physical location with the help of Valamis environment.

Valamis Enterprise Edition provides support for Liferay Enteprise Edition versions. As a Valamis EE subscriber you will be getting patches, updates and new features to your existing Liferay Enterprise Edition platform. Valamis EE is supported, stable, robust and fully enterprise grade learning platform.

Valamis Enterprise Edition key features are:
-Full Tin Can API / xAPI 1.0 support
-Enterprise grade Learning Record Store
-Tin Can API Content authoring tools using Liferay CMS
-Tin Can API Learning Analytics
-Android and iOS Mobile Client for Tin Can API lessons with offline support
-Social learning with gamification and Social Activity features
-Mozilla Open Badges support
-SCORM 1.2, 2004 3rd and 2004 4th edition support

Note: There's issue deploying Valamis 2.2 to Liferay 6.1.30 EE on Glassfish.

Latest Changes
Valamis 2.3 provides Valamis Lesson Studio where you can leverage HTML5 content publishing to deliver fully responsive, touch enabled lessons to mobile, tablets and desktops with ease: Include videos, interactions and assessments and create world class lessons with Tin Can API in Valamis Studio, a web-based collaborative learning content authoring environment.

Key improvements:

New design for portlets
New CSS theme
Lesson Studio. Use graphical editor to publish learning content
Granular permission-action system
Categories and tags for lessons
LRS (Learning record store) with Slick persistence
Improved authentication system (oauth for internal usage)
Performance improvements (Database query optimizations, filter optimizations)
Improved gradebook which supports now interactive comments
Autograding in lessons
Ability to add lesson as curriculum goal
Timing when lesson opens or closes

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