Put Liferay DXP to the Test

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Digital experience software tailored to your needs.

Tailored Solutions That Fit Your Business

The Liferay DXP suite of components and features lets you build exactly what you want in order meet your unique requirements. Create solutions that fit your business, not the other way around.

No Vendor Lock-in

Our platform is compatible with most things out there, even closed-source software. With Liferay DXP, you aren’t limited to buying software from one massive vendor.

 Integrates With Everything

APIs, web services and messaging services make it easy to connect to third-party software and your legacy systems.

Connect All Your Audiences

Customers use Liferay DXP to engage prospects, onboard new customers, support existing customers and create communities for loyal users.

One Platform for the Whole Customer Journey

Other options require you to invest in multiple platforms and get them working together. Liferay DXP does more for less.

Open Source and Enterprise Ready

Developers love the security, stability, flexibility and scalability of Liferay. Enterprise grade support takes the worry out of running cutting-edge software.

Looking for the community supported Liferay Portal Community Edition (CE)?

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