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What can you do in 24 hours?
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What can you do in 24 hours? 

You could fly from LA to Tokyo and back. You could walk the entire island of Manhattan. You could swim across the English Channel. Or you could gain the latest Liferay insights and tips from peers and industry experts at /dev/24.

What's /dev/24? 

/dev/24 started last year as a way for the developer community to still gather in the midst of the pandemic. Our customers, partners, community members, employees, and other Liferay developers came together for an interactive 24-hour livestream event. Everyone came together to share solutions they’ve built, challenges they’ve tackled, and cool insights they picked up. 

But, this wasn’t the traditional webinar format. Less PowerPoint and more browsers, instances, and environments where we collaborated and shared our learnings.

And we’re bringing it back again this year!

Your Invitation to /dev/24

So we’re calling all those who deal with {curly braces} for a living, those who use Liferay, and those who are a part of our community to join us for 2021’s /dev/24! 

This year’s event will offer even more engagement, interaction, and insight than last year! 

Transport yourselves into our virtual world! 

“Bump” into other attendees, speakers, and developers to start up a conversation. 

Roam around the environment to explore booths or solve some puzzles in addition to watching the sessions. 

Once the doors open, you’ll be able to join sessions to learn about: 

  • Not-so-well-known API tricks and features 
  • More awesome Content Page features
  • How to implement a “code-less” site
  • The power of collections in the real world 

(You can see the full agenda here.)


Mark your calendars for November 3rd and 4th as we bring you another jam-packed 24 hours of new features coming in Liferay DXP 7.4, tips and tricks, engaging Q&A sessions and really a celebration of what peers and fellow developers have been able to accomplish.

If you’re a developer or have developers on your team, sign up for /dev/24 here.


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21 de Outubro de 2021
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21 de Outubro de 2021
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